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So confused 😐

I have been told by doc I have ibs so I've been trying as much as possible to stay on low fodmap diet other than for past two weeks as i e been on hol so thought I'd be easy in myself !

Been back for 5 days & trying to get back into the diet. I did have some improvement and also on hol but just so confused & down in general as I've got back home & my tummy pains are as bad as ever 😬

I had a kinesiology test in my mid 20's that came up with candida so I was told to take acidophilus, garlic & zinc tablets along with following a anti candida diet .. I followed it but obviously went went back to 'normal ' eating soon afterwards I can't remember if it helped if I'm honest 😳

I was on lots of courses of antibiotics as a teenager for tonsillitis & cystitis & also started taking the pill at 17 so I put my candida down to that as that what the kinesiologist told me & I guess it made sense !

Now we have a "ibs' a seemingly new digestive problem that gps seem to diagnose with ease !

I suffer mainly with pain in my tummy lots of bloating & wind and occasional constipation & diahorrhea .,,

I've been for a lactose test about 3 weeks ago I asked for it as I'd read symptoms were very similar to ibs ..I am trying to rule out all other digestive issues 😩 But have had no response from the hospital or my gp even though my readings were according to the nurse the highest she had seen !

I've seen as gastrointestinal specialist & he just said I've classic ibs & need to learn to live with it !!! 😡 & if I had any more concerns to go back to docs I asked about colonoscopy & he said he didn't think I needed it 😳

Gosh I feel like a right winge bag ...

Should I see a nutritionist n have tests done !?

Thanks any advice appreciated and

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The nurse says you are lactose intolerant?


You say the readings you had according to the nurse were the highest she had ever seen, do you mean that she meant you are Lactose intolerant? My daughter was getting nausea, sickness and diarrhoea and she stopped having Lactose and she is now fine so she found out herself (she wouldn't go to the doctor anyway, I would have) that she cannot tolerate Lactose.


She wouldn't commit as she said she wasn't a specialist only a nurse told to perform the test but could only confirm that she hadn't ever seen such a high reading before !!

I cannot believe that after a good 3 weeks (2 of which I've been on hol)

I have not received any kind of correspondence by either specialist or my gp ... beggars belief !? 😳

Especially as my reading was apparently so high . I will have to ring my gp but I really thought I would be contacted by the hospital where the test took place .

I have to say it's pretty obvious to me my gut problem is not just lactose intolerance as I've had no milk other than lactose free milk on my cornflakes this morning & ive had such bad cramp and wind all day which is horrendous 😱


Sorry to hear you've been having a bad time!!

What milk did you have? I'm no good with soya but okay with almond or hazelnut milk but I don't use it very often!

I'm due my lactose test on 1st sept but it's being done at hospital so I shall ask for their results rather than wait!

I've a gastro follow up appointment to discuss results of biopsies soon so I'll ask there if I get no joy at hospital!

Hope you get your results soon.


It's normal cows milk but with the lactose removed ... it's called lacto free available in most supermarkets.

I wanted the text as I'd read that the symptoms of ibs & lactose intolerance were similar

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Thank you for your advice 😀

I think the test I had was purely for lactose not the a1 protein . Do you know if there is a test for a1 protein ?

I don't eat goats milk / cheese / lamb as I can't stand the taste 😬

So what your saying is that it may be neither the lactose or a1 protein??

My tummy did react badly tho within about 1/2 hour of drinking the lactose when I had the test done !

My tummy bloated up with a build up of painful wind & terrible gurgling noises 😱

I am ringing the docs tomorrow to see if they've got my results as I've heard nothing re their findings on my test that was done around 4 weeks ago !!


Thank you I'll look into it 😊


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