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30 day challenge has transformed my IBS!


Hi all, I joined this group around 6 weeks ago as I have been really struggling with my IBS for the last couple of years. I get married in 6 months and have been really worrying about being bloated on my wedding day (I have a tight dress to fit into!) I am actually a doctor myself so I have tried all medical treatments available for IBS, I have looked extensively at all the research around IBS, I have tried FODMAP, kefir.... etc etc. I joined this group really as a last resort to see if I could learn any new measures to try from fellow sufferers. However during my further desperate research looking at all measures to try and improve my symptoms I came across an amazing health & wellbeing business that have a nutrition range. I read lots of success stories from people with bowel issues and just decided it was worth a try. I was literally willing to try anything to get me a flat stomach in that wedding dress!!

I decided to go all out & do a 30 day challenge using this companies products which includes an amazing digestion powder, an antioxidant substitute powder, protein powders, fibre boosts and removing gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine & all processed foods from your diet. I am on day 3 of this challenge and for the first time in over a year I have gone 24 hours without a bloated stomach!!!!!!! I am absolutely over the moon!

I just had to share this with you all! I am absolutely delighted. I feel amazing doing this challenge - my skin and energy levels have also dramatically improved. I could literally shout about it from the rooftops. So so happy :-)

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Hi there Danirobbo, I am so pleased for you that you have found something that works and also being a doctor you will understand the frustrations of people on here that go to their doctor and are quite often 'fobbed off'; I am lucky as I have an understanding doctor although I rarely go to him with my condition.

I can see by what you are consuming it's very healthy and I'm pretty sure that most of us would feel so much better if we ate better food. I would love to try this but I am doubting very much, sorr for the downer, that I could actually afford to go on this diet. I can, I know, cut out dairy (I am buying Lactose free dairy now), gluten, sugar, caffeine and all processed foods from my diet (I eat very little processed food anyway) but I'm not sure if I would be able to afford the company's products. On saying that though, what is the name of the company?

I'm really pleased for you that you are feeling so much better.


I totally agree with you. It will not be affordable for me to continue with this after my 30 day challenge. I am just hoping it will help me work out what does / does not help me.

And I totally sympathise re unsympathetic doctors. I get frustrated myself when I see patients who have clear IBS symptoms who have never had things fully explained to them or have felt fobbed off. Unfortunately often due to time constraints which is a sad fact within the NHS at the moment.

I won't name the company on this thread as people below seem to think I am trying to sell something. Don't want to name them incase people feel I am advertising. I think a lot of companies do a similar 30 day challenge 😊

Thank you for getting back and understand that you cannot share the name of the company, maybe you could private message me, just a thought. I can be cynical but was not when I read your post as it certainly looked genuine to me so I will carry out a search on the internet to see what companies offer such challenges.

As a doctor I can see how frustrated you must get when people are fobbed off and particularly as some GPs don't even test for IBS and just listen to the patient's symptoms.

I hope that you continue to feel well on this challenge.



Is this, by any chance, a sales pitch for 'Shakeology'?

Fruitandnutcase in reply to Hidden

Sounds like a very slick sales pitch to me too.

Exactly my thoughts.

Not a sales pitch at all. It is not shakeology. Genuinely just wanted to share my success as I have literally tried everything. I am just so pleased with my results which continue into day 3. Not selling anything to anyone, just wanted to share how happy I am with my results so far.

Hi Danirobbo, just wondering did you tend to have IBS-C or D or alternate?

Danirobbo in reply to bigbunbun3

When I was younger I was IBS-D but in the last 4 years I have become more IBS-C

Hi Danirobbo, thank you for your reply. It is time consuming trying to figure out our reasons and solutions having IBS. Hope you continue to feel so much better. Keep us updated. 😃

Hi Danirobbo, nice to know that even Doctor's are not immune from all of this. Just to follow up on some of the below, is it IBS-C, IBS-D or alternate that you suffer from? what are the ingredients in the challenge products that you are trying? natural?....any side effects so far?...Sorry a lot of questions, and I know something that works for one may not work for another, but I think that arming ourselves with as much information about all possible opportunities available can only but help each other. Also congratulations on your upcoming Wedding and I hope that you have a wonderful day without worrying about your IBS - I am sure the dress is perfect! Goodluck for both the challenge and the Wedding :-) Please keep us updated on both.

Thankyou so much for your lovely message. In this challenge I have excluded ALL processed foods, all gluten, all dairy, caffeine, alcohol, all fruits except berries & green apples and all sugar (as much as possible). I am having protein shakes with avocado & some vitamin supplements, antioxidant powder & an amazing supplement called digestion plus. I am also adding raspberries & almond butter to my shake (not allowed peanuts on the challenge either). I am then adapting very strict clean eating for most of my other meals with a strict list of ingredients I can and cannot have. I am trying to drink 3L of water a day also and not allowed any fruit juice so I am putting lemon& mint in my water to make it taste better 😊

I am just so so happy with the effects of this challenge already and feel so much happier about my fishtail dress now!!!

In terms of ingredients in the products I am adding to my shakes they have probiotics in them, inulin fibre, lots of antioxidants, lots of enzyme blends to improve digestion, rice bran, bacillus coagulans, chamomile etc etc (too many ingredients to list here). I can send you a pm if you would like any further info on exactly what I am taking. I am also having a peppermint based tea & caffeine replacement drinks instead of a cup of tea at work.

Hope that helps!

Harvena in reply to Danirobbo

So pleased you have found something that is helping you, I would like to have more information please if you would not mind sending me a PM.



I have listed main ingredients in the post below 😊

Dear Danirobbo,

Please forgive me if I sound a little sceptical.

Your crash diet sounds interesting, but incredibly dangerous and ill-advised for anything over 30 days. Feeling different after three days is very good, but, as you yourself should know if you are a doctor, IBS cycles and flares up and down and the length of time is not statistically significant.

I am also concerned that you are not prepared to state the name of the products you are using. Many entries on this website mention specific brand names where appropriate and your claims are quite extreme.

Could you also say whether or not you have consulted a nutritionist about this new diet, please and if so, what was their opinion?

I remember the anxiety and bodily turmoil as I prepared for my own wedding and you should know that most brides lose so much weight as their wedding approaches that dressmakers actually factor that into their measurements.

For your own happiness, I do hope that your remission continues. Please do let us know how your diet progresses and what other changes you see in your body, especially to skin, hair and joints. As a doctor, you are able to take blood tests to monitor your vitamins and trace minerals, so please let us know what you find.

Good luck with the wedding. :-)

I get pain every day from my IBS no matter what I eat. Did this help in other areas besides bloat. Like you I have tried everything. I wish you the best.

Can you give more details about this I.e where to get info to try this?

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