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Some improvements in my IBS!!


Hello. I thought I would share my recent improvement in IBS symptoms and what I think may have helped. I have had IBS for over 20 years with some horrible episodes lasting for months at a time. I have had lots of tests/ scans etc. Since september I had a bad flare up of pain/mucus/ constipation and diarrhea. I decided to try a few things to help it... I now take probiotics (did notice a small improvement after 6 weeks taking them) I then started drinking ginger and lemongrass cordial diluted with hot water, not cheap at £3 a bottle but it tastes really nice (no artificial sweeteners etc.) I cut out tomatoes, onions, garlic, spicy foods and artificial sweeteners from my diet and I use oat milk. It sounds alot but I have noticed a real improvement in my symptoms, I would say 70% better than I was. I know this will not help everyone but maybe even just helping someone with my post would be nice. Ginger cordial a real winner for me it really calms my bowels down.

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Glad you've found things that help! Tomatoes and onions are known to trigger IBS, although personally I can eat tomatoes with no problem. Cutting out dairy was a biggie for me - even my gastroenterologist said most people with IBS can't tolerate dairy products. I also had to cut out all wholegrains, nuts, caffeine and alcohol. My IBS is quite settled now with the combination of diet and medications. :)

Thats great that you are felling better. I shall be trying ginger cordial. K,

For me onions are a no no ,discovered this when on FODMAPS elimination .also tomatoes are out . Lactose free diary and limit to one slice of whole grain a day plus daily tsp flaxseed and small portion of stewed apple on morning porridge and 150mgs magnesium citrate daily ,sachet of fybogel daily plus evening sachet of caricol when I remember has finally got my IBSC manageable after a lot of trial and error and ten years of suffering . All sounds a bit of a palaver but it works for me and is now routine . What I do know is that if I stray off this regime even for a couple of days my IBSC kicks off with a vengeance .incidentally I am on amlodopine and losartan for blood pressure control and have been for many years . Both these drugs work by relaxing smoothe muscle in the body that not only relaxes veins and arteries to reduce blood pressure but also has the same effect on digestive transit time and reduces peristalsis in the gut . I have always suspected that this was making my IBSC worse but gastros have always said this did not happen .Just before Christmas I saw a new blood pressure consultant and when I told him of my theory he said yes amlodopine and to a lesser extent losartan can and did effect the function and motility of the digestive system but are also very effective blood pressure therapies .so there you go ! If like me you are on bp meds that include these two types of drugs they may be having an effect on your IBSC symptoms as well .BUT DONT STOP TAKING THEM TILL YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO YOUR DOCTOR AS THEY ARE GREAT FOR BLOOD PRESSURE CONTROL WHICH IS A FAR MORE SERIOUS PROBLEM THAN IBS

medics ,don't you love them ! P

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Interesting. I have had IBS for 26 years and high blood pressure for 10. Since being on the FODMAPS diet last August my cholesterol has dropped from 6.5 to 5 and I have halved my blood pressure medication - I take bendroflumethiazide(diuretic) candesartan, aspirin and propranolol. If it continues like this I shall be able to come off them altogether - hallelujah. I am also gluten and lactose free. I am not even chasing toilets these days unless I stray outside the low fodmaps. My next challenge is lose weight as I got heavier whilst staying indoors and comfort eating due to inability to go out whilst chasing toilets!!! I have lost a stone since last August already, just 2 more to go. I won't know what to do with myself if I end up feeling like my true self again - might even book a holiday - now that would be something wouldn't it.


I never have coffee or tea but use ginger tea, peppermint tea & peppermint oil capsules, fennel tea. I also use oat milk which I think is great on cereal(gluten free). I also only use lactose free cheese, spread and yogurt. The last 3 have made a big difference, perhaps it may help you too?

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Hi, thanks, I will try the ginger tea. I should also experiment with the lactose free yogurt too, may make my diet a little more interesting! One of my sons can not digest milk protein and I wonder if I have a problem with it too. I used to have soya products but they didn't really agree with me that much and then I read some articles which put me off.

Hi, thanks for the replies, this is a good site, wish I'd found it earlier. Nice to hear everyones stories and get tips. :)

Where do you buy it from ? I am in Inverness.

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Hi, I bought it from the Co-op (larger stores), Morrisons sell it too.

No, Tomatoes are a no, no for me!




Where do you get that particular cordial from?

Hi, Morrisons and Sainsbury sell it. I have started making my own drink with fresh ginger pieces and a bit of fresh lemon left in the fridge in water, no sugar and tastes nice chilled. Ginger tea good too.

Yes i would say you have had improvements,the thing i take is Ginger powder in my tea it feels warming and takes the discomfort away and if i have to i drink it three times a day (morn,Noon,Night).I grow my own tomatoes so i do not want to give them up as they are one of my favorite foods.I also take Buscopan when i feel in real diffculty just one tablet at the time i need it then not till it flairs up and give me trouble,i usually just rely on the ginger tea but where can i buy that lemongrass/Ginger cordial do they have it at Morrisons i would like to try it.?Aud

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