Change in diet

Change in diet

Hi just joined here today my name is JoJo. I have recently started to change my diet from eating lots of meat to eating more vegan food. I've suddenly suffered a chronic ibs flare up bad constant cramp and constipation. When normally i dont suffer constpation. Can it be the amount of soya I've been eating instead of meat. The change in diet has helped me lose weight and I was feeling great. But as I've eaten less meat and introduced more soya based food. It flared up. It's made me miserable anyone else experienced this. Help needed.

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  • The only way to know if its the soya is to go back to your original diet and see if you become symptomless then reintroduce the soya to see if it flares again. Lots of people are soya intolerant.

  • soya can be a problem , I avoid all soya now as I just react to it, I just limit my meat consumption, as too much is also not good for my digestion and makes me uncomfortable, but we are all different so try cutting out soya then reintroducing it in smaller amounts and see how you get on, I am still in the trial and error stage ,but i must admit the only thing that does not make me uncomfortable or has a direct effect is fish . or try things made from soya protein and not the bean ? i was advised this, but everything seems to be from the bean so I give it up as a bad job.

  • Thanks for your reply the last two days I've not had any soya my my ibs has calmed back down thankfully !! I too find eating fish is always ok with me maybe that's the way to go for me as I do love fish. I will try soya again but in smaller amounts and less often 😊

  • Hi JoJo

    Have u tried gluten-free 'Quorn' to replace the soya in your diet? Do beware, though, not all 'Quorn' products are gluten-free & if I eat those my IBS symptoms flare up. I know 'Quorn' isn't to everyone' s liking & I do have to watch how much I eat, as mushrooms can affect me, but overall it works for me.

    Good luck!


  • Thank you I will try that 😊

  • Yes that happens to me. I would love to be vegetarian but its only meat that stops the ins...

  • This is just crazy... you know why you think that only meat stops your IBS? Because your digestive system is used to the meat eaters diet... and that doesn't mean that it is also healthy. Read the China study...

    Going on a vegetarian lifestyle is a big decision and your gut flora has to change... that change mimics IBS... but in a matter of 2-3 weeks, your digestive system gets used to this new diet and then you will notice a boost in the quality of your life... i did it too, i am talking out of experience.

  • Hi there, I have seen quite a few posts on this forum where people react to soya so cannot include it in their diets.

  • 99,9% of the soya on the markets is GMO... that is why your body, which is intelligent by it's nature, is reacting to that poison you are taking in... it is that simple.

    Go on an organic diet, you will not believe your eyes what a change that will make in your quality of life.

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