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Recent change in symptoms - dairy



I'm new here but it's something specific to IBS that I was researching which brought me to HealthUnlocked and this community.

I was diagnosed with IBS years ago, and since have had to cut out gluten and some dairy - specifically milk/cream/ice cream - but I've been okay to carry on eating cheese, butter and yoghurt for a long time.

More recently (past month or so) I've been experiencing a lot of bloating, I completely balloon up and look like I'm pregnant. I started thinking more about what I've been eating and it seems to be after I've had butter or cheese (specifically cheddar).

I'm going to start tracking what I'm eating and my symptoms properly again to check this is the pattern, but wondered if anyone else had experienced anything similar or had any thoughts on how to proceed?

I'm always a bit hesitant to go to the doctors because I've previously had bad experiences trying to speak to them about diet but wondering if I should try again now I have someone better I see about other health problems.

Any help appreciated!


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Hi Hannah, I too was diagnosed many years ago and have had bad flare ups lately with food. I have gone on the fodmap diet over the last week to try and pinpoint what agrivates my gut. You may have read up on it yourself. It's very restricted but by the introduction of possible problem foods like cheese it can help give you answer s. Keep a food diary and don't be afraid to go back to your Gp, it's what they are there for. Also perhaps ask to see a dietician as they can be knowledgeable on different foods. Good luck. Ruthy.

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Hi Hannah

Me too I've lived with this for the last 20 years with horrible flare ups the recent one I've had there just doesn't seem no end to it. I'm just trying to give the Fodmap diet a go but I've found that certain things on it that are ok to eat just don't agree with me such as grapes which I feel terrible after eating them it's just finding out which foods agree with you and which don't. Do go back and see the gp don't put up with it good luck.

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Thanks both, I've heard about the fodmap diet but not ever used it before, so sounds like something to look into further. Think I am going to see my GP about this as well. Reassuring to know it's not just me though

I have found the GP (we move quite often, so I have seen several over the years) to be totally unhelpful. However, I think that you need to keep going back and eventually you will receive help.

I've been an IBS suffer for years. Previously, I could eat small amounts of dairy... and be ok. A few years ago, almost overnight I found that I couldn't tolerate any dairy at all. If you ever find a cause/trigger I'd be interested to hear.

Have you tried a nutritional therapist? They are really helpful and might be worth contacting one.


Hi there Hannah,

I have written an article on IBS food triggers that could interest you:

If you like cheese, try substituting goats or sheep's cheese. Hard goats and sheep's cheese does exist. My favorite is Ossau Iraty (sheep) which you can get from Sainsburys.

If you can get hold of any, cheese made from unpasteurised goats or sheeps milk has the added bonus of really helping boost the good bacteria in your gut.

if you haven't been checked for Candida and SIBO, I would highly recommend this. This article gives you more info:

Hope this helps,


Get tested for lactose intolerance by the doctor if not already

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