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who had been in my experience urgent !!!!

hi guys, thank you for being here, and sorry because you r here haha. my question is, if anyone had been or suffering or suffered from the haemorrhoids, and had been to see specialist nurse or a consultant, etc. What treatment did you get? and what is the best surgery can someone have? as there are many. all I can say is pills are appear after going toilet then disappear after 3-5 hours, I used all creams from gp they aren't good, I bought anacare cream online it works better but still suffering for more than a year. please help me with good answer. thank you everyone.

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I'm so sorry for your suffering. I personally haven't had Haemorrhoids but suggest that you go back to your and say that nothing is working. At the end of the day they are the 'specialists' so should be able to help.

Very best of luck


I have been back 900 times, thank you anyway


Oh my goodness, my heart goes out to you and sorry I couldn't help in any way.



The treatment you get for haemorrhoids depends on what type they are, i.e. internal, external or both.

I had internal ones a few years ago for which I had a very successful procedure called HALO (plenty of info on the web about this). It's available on the NHS, is virtually painless and done as a day-patient.

Unfortunately, however, haemorrhoids have now returned brought on, no doubt, by the bowel problems I developed a few months afterwards (totally unrelated to the surgery).

Fortunately, I've managed to eliminate most of these, but have been told that in order for further surgery to be permanently successful, it would be best to be completely free of all of them - so, now I'm trying to do just that!

Horrible problem, I wish you well with it.


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thank you for your reply, today I went back to the GP, and I have been told again that its external, but there no bleeding. I have an appointment with the specialist nurse on the 17th of this month, I have read about the surgeries and no one advices to have any surgery because they come back again, plus Easley to have symptoms, so I have fear of this problem, I'm not over weight or anything, its just developed from nothing!

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I also hope your recover soon from your problem

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