Three simple and easy advice , Help me a lot !

Hi everybody, I've been suffering from IBS since almost 3 years. I tried many times to get treatment by visiting doctors here in UK and in Middle East [ cos I'm from there ]. One advice that I got from a doctor was so simple. it's 3 things simple and easy.

First - Drink a lot of water.

Second - Go a do exercise [ sport ]. it helps to get your bowel move , this movement helps to get the pain away.

Third - Eat a lot of Vegetables.

I know it's really really simple advice but it works so good for me. and I'd like to add; enjoy your life as much as you can, try to increase your level of happiness.

I hope you find , at least , a little bit useful information from my blog.

Thank you so much !

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  • I think you're right. Not so easy but very simple. I'm going to physical therapy for pelvic floor pain. This has helped in the past. I know floor exercises help a lot. Good luck

  • Sounds like an excellent idea and so simple! I've tried every drug under the sun but will give this a go! First 2 are easy for me but I am not a great vegetable lover, are there any specific vegetables to eat and any to avoid? I love carrots and potatoes, baked beans (which set me off)!! James in Dundee

  • Very simple advice but unfortunately doesn't always work for me. I suffer with constipation but have to say that I can overcome that with exercise, it always does work. I love vegetables and fruit and eat quite healthy, I hate fast food.

    I'm glad it's worked for you and good luck. I am waiting for a dietician to get back to me to see when I can start with the FODMAP diet.

  • Hi! I've had ibs for 2 years and about to go for a mri scan and a full bowel camera but ur right sounds like great advice and I'm goin do exactly that from tomorrow and give it a go!I was once told eat like a pauper and a caveman and lots of vegetables is exactly that!! Thank u

  • Good Luck with my advice and hope still works for you after 2 years

  • hi every1 if u want 2 talk about else then email and go on facebook and lets hv a proper talk about anythin than wat we got ok so here,s my email .uk

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