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As I am reading more and STILL (10 weeks in) not finding any cures for my IBS symptoms, only feeling I am looking more and more pregnant with my gut's bloat/distension along with irregular (C and D) bowel motions, I want ANYONE's two cents..

Could it be SIBO rather than food intolerance causing my IBS? I have been reading up on it, and it would make sense given I seem to react to any food, not just FODMAPs (which I have been off for the 10 weeks). I have had hydro breath tests now for Lactose (came back negative!) and fructose (still waiting on results as I don't produce enough hydrogen so have to have methane tests which take longer for results) and was hoping to stop at those due to the high out-of-pocket expense to me (not in full-time employment as a casual graduate teacher and I was unable to secure myself a position before the Summer break).. So I was hoping not to have any more tests, and now to have the breath test for SIBO I will need to wait 'til after NY holidays anyway, but wondered whether anyone has similar experiences they could share. AND whether anyone has solutions for this pregnant-looking tummy :(

I feel so depressed about it...

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You can try with lemon water with salt 3/4 times a day when you feel disturb...otherwise take every day a glass of lemon water with salt in the morning....take only rice base food ...fish, chicken, potato is ok


I suspected SIBO but a gastro told me it was highly unlikely as I suffer from IBSC only and SIBO Is most likely only with IBSD If you have not had colonoscopy I suggest that should be your first move ,to establish a base line of gut health and condition ,otherwise shooting in the dark .


hi, I've had the same IBS symptoms as you for decades. In the past 3 years a low fodmap diet has partially helped but the bloating and wind in particular remained. So like you I started on tests (lactose neg, fructose positive) and restricted my diet even further. Finally had the SIBO test which was positive and have been on a herbal antibiotic programme for 2 months, under a nutritionalist. Plus low fodmaps AND very low carbs. I have certainly been far better during this time but have finished the anti-biotics last week. It's too early to know how I will be now & my re-test isn't for another month. I hope to have good news then.. perhaps


Hi, firstly I feel for you as I've had no end of blood tests and they've all come back negative too, but never heard of SIBO, what's the difference? I have always doubted I've had i.b.s it's just rubbish there's no such thing in my mind! Christmas is rough if you have these sort of problems. Just take each day 1 by 1 and try to find some peace somewhere!


You can find out about SIBO here on the self care plan



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