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Sugar rollercoaster? Dizziness for much of the day - especially during and after meals? Please help!

I am starting to really worry. I have had a series of tests done but to no avail. Most are normal (Via D, B12, Magnesium, Thyroid, Cortisol) etc. but still persistent dizziness/faintness especially after meals often immediately sometimes 1 hour after or 2.

I have a sneaking suspicion it is blood sugar related yet I had blood sugar tested - blood test taken at 10am one morning - found to be normal! My issues seem to be triggered by food i.e. symptoms emerge once food taken.


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This could be caused by 'postprandial hypotension' which is a fancy term for blood pressure dropping after food.

Here's a link: health.harvard.edu/heart-he... and there's a lot of other info out there on Google if you do a search.

I'm sure your GP will have checked your BP, but unless it's taken when you actually start to feel lightheaded and dizzy, it will probably register as normal.

You could keep check it yourself as home BP monitors are pretty inexpensive - about £20 - £30.


Or perhaps "dumping syndrome". It's where food (especially sugar) is released too quickly from the stomach. There's a special kind of test for it done at hospitals.


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