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Hello my name is dave I am the copd page

But the last 2-4 weeks I have have feeling sick but not bloating of the stomach and pain

And cramping also my bowel mover ment as changed went to my pharmacy he give some pills and said you must see your doctor also went on the NHS help line thay also see your doctor so I got apointment I saw him he look at me he waight me and felt my stomach and said come back in 4weeks if you are still the same will send you to hospital is this the Wright way

If anyone can give any advice I would be very pleased

Meny thank dave

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Hi Dave, I have had IBSd for many years and one of the things that always worried me was the fact that I felt nauseous most of the time. It worried me more because other IBSd sufferers didn't seem to have the same problem.

You must of course go back to your Doctor and make sure they check for all other problems, but try not to worry too much over the next 4 weeks, as this nausea does happen sometimes. If you have to be checked out at hospital don't stress about it as they would find any problems that the Doctor hasn't, so make sure you go....... Lots of luck


Hello thank you very much for your help take care dave


Hi there Dave, I suffer mainly with IBS C and also get nausea and I take a travel sick tablet when I feel like that and they do work. Also, good idea to start looking at your diet as I am cutting out lactose which is in dairy products and have to say haven't had nausea since cutting it out (I do have the odd sneaky normal yogurt but that's only until I have used them up, then I will be completely lactose free). There are foods I can't eat but it's a matter of elimination as we are all different.

Try not to worry before going back to the doctors but speak to him/her about a Colonoscopy/blood tests to rule out certainly conditions.

Best of luck


Hello thank for your help best regards dave

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You are most welcome and very best of luck.



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