So does your GP feeling your stomach and pasing you info on IBS mean diagnosis???

This was some time ago now but I went to my GP telling my symptoms such as always bloated, gas, varied stools, stomach pains and cramps ect ect..... He felt my stomach which hurt! He then said well looks like you have IBS.. I didn't really know of the condition and he passed me info and said I need to make a diary of what I eat and see what makes it worse and ry to control it that way. He also gave me a prescription for some tablets and said these may help... I walked out thinking ok so I must have this. I got no futher help or info just a print out and no referal to a dietician.... I am with a new GP now as I moved and I am sorting out my health insurance card as I moved abroad. Hopefully this GP will be more helpful, I just want to decrease or get rid of at least some symptoms :( .

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  • Yep sounds similar to my diagnosis. You have to be persistant with your visits and push for more help. It took four changes of docs before I found a good one. I have medication now but to be honest most information and possible solutions I found on the Internet on netdoctor and NHS website and on this website

  • Thanks I have looked online but there is so much stuff its confusing. I should start a food diary really...I do know the foods that can set it off more or less... Its hard not to eat them or to find other things to eat :/ Milk, bread, onions....everything lol! I will be more pushy and ask for some help and so on from this GP.

  • I have found that Senokot Dual relief tablets can help and they are a natural herbal. The can sometimes help natural reduce bloating and consitpation. I have found that my skin and hair is rather dull and hair is lately very bad thinning and falling out everywhere or breaking and splitting. :/ I will ask for test maybe its worth checking my vitiman D I just need more advice as I have so many horrible symptoms stacking up lately...

  • Sounds very much like how I was diagnosed when I was 18 I 'm now 40 and in the past 2 years have had various tests including a colonoscopy (not pleasant) as after years of struggling with pain and having gluten and dairy taking out of my diet I wasn't coping but to still be told it's IBS that diagnosis over 20 years ago was correct. Good luck with your own symptoms and hope you get what you feel you need from your new GP.

  • Thanks guys I do hope so too really feeling fustrated with it all now. I really think if I can at least get it under control a some level I should feel better.

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