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Problems after gastroscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy


I hope this might be the correct forum to ask this question on. I thought you may have experience of this hope so. Thanks.

I recently had a gastroscopy and sigmoidoscopy on June 14th to investigate a low blood count. Since the evening after the scopes I have had problems. I constantly feel full and cannot even eat a good sized meal, have lost nearly 2 stones in weight and my bowels open after every meal sometimes even after I drink. Not getting diarrhoea but even so not good. I also have BMs at other times. Between 07.30 and 10.00 this morning I have had 4 BMs - one straight after breakfast. It is hardly surprising therefore that I am losing weight. I have found some old posts on another forum where people had complained about this saying that it was under reported and believe it was caused by the colon prep used causing an aggravation. My GP and the hospital endoscopy unit refuse to believe that the "scopes"caused this. Yes, a small stomach ulcer and a benign single polyp was found and very mild diverticular disease - commensurate with my age of 74 but I had no symptoms before and this started the evening after the scopes. My GP has suggested taking pro biotics to get my "friendly gut bacteria" back up which I have started doing. Just wondering if anyone else has had this and suggestions for help please.

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Hi there Desanthony, I haven't had either procedure but had a Colonoscopy last year and I actually felt much better after my procedure. Personally I would go back to the medics/doctors and say that you are not happy and certainly don't feel right after the procedures. Before you do go back though you may want to ask yourself did you have any of these problems before the procedures?

I hope that you get somewhere.


No. I had none of these problems before the procedure. That is the problem. I had the procedures to look for internal bleeding that would account for a low blood count. Haven't found any bleeding yet but I am in a heck of state. I went in there relatively healthy and came out almost a wreck and things are just getting worse as time goes on as I am losing weight. I have gone back to my GP and the endoscopy unit but they just say this couldn't happen because of the procedures it just must be a coincidence! Despite my telling them than on an old forum I found that this had happened to others apparently because fo the bowel prep.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me.


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Hi there Des, so sorry to hear that you are in such a state, it's awful feeling so poorly. I think a lot of us on here would give anything to feel well again. I would personally go back again and if you don't get any joy then ask for another opinion, I would nag and nag until you get somewhere.

I really hope you do get somewhere, best of luck.



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