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I have suffered with IBS on and off for more years than I care to remember. What I have learnt from talking to fellow sufferers is that both the causes and symptoms seem to vary greatly. Once I had confirmed that it was nothing sinister, I cut out certain foods that made my condition worse. This worked for quite a few years, but after a change in job role it is back with avengance. So I guess mine is stress related more than anything. Does anybody else find that brown bread or fibrous food agravates their condition?

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Hi there, sorry you're having a flare up. I've often wondered about the role stress plays in my own IBS. In answer to your question, insoluble fibre definitely aggravates my symptoms. I try to stick to soluble fibre as much as possible while I'm unwell although some days everything I eat can set me off. Soluble fibre foods are starchy - potatoes, white rice and pasta, white bread, bananas etc. You can try and see if it helps although different things help different people. Good luck.

Yes, I find that too. I developed IBS about 20 years ago, I was referred to hospital but the advice then was to eat more fibre. After about 18 months it gradually went with only about 1 or 2 minor flare ups annually. Last year for no apparent reason it returned getting worse over a 6 month period, this coincided with IBS week/month. I read an newspaper article by a gastroenterology consultant who said that the first step was to cut out whole grains completely and eat white bread, white rice, no whole grain cereals etc. I tried this and found it improved my IBS significantly. I have tried going back on whole grains etc but this causes a massive flare up so decided that it's a small price to pay for a settled tummy.

Agree with both Sylvie and Ella, the best diet to follow is a soluable fibre one.

Best of luck

Hi I initially cut out wheat and dairy and now follow FODMAP as much as possible. Have a look. Stress/anxiety is also a big trigger stay relaxed and focus on your breathing x

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