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Vitamin Deficiencies

Hi everyone. New here and have a question re vitamin deficiencies.

I have been having problems with my bowels for a while, the usual suspects: diarrhoea/constipation cycles, constant bloating, pain and general misery. About 4 years ago I was tested for a few things including celiac disease and probably others but the results came back all clear and the Dr told me as there was no clear cause I was probably suffering with IBS. Since then the symptoms haven't changed much and I've learned to live with them rather than trying any specific treatments or diet changes (all 'bad' foods seem to be delicious foods so I just eat what I want and deal with the consequences!).

Despite having a varied diet I was recently found to have low vitamin B12, iron and ferritin, as well as low vitamin D (in the north England sunlight is rare).

I'm wondering if any of the rest of you have found similar problems? It would make sense perhaps that absorption of vitamins and nutrients could be impaired by relentless diarrhoea?? But I'm curious to know if other people have had the same experience? And/or perhaps alert you to the risk.

Can I also just say how nice it is to have a forum on which to discuss these embarrassing issues with people in the same horrible boat!



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Hi there,

Yes it's good to have somewhere to discuss our individual issues we have.

My recent blood test showed iron levels of 2.4 and I was given folic acid tablets because the normal level should be about 10 I think.

My other vitamin levels were okay. I topped up my vitamin d with a holiday to Tenerife in Feb!! 😊

I'd put my low level iron or folate etc down to the fact I probably don't have much in the way of iron rich food that I can eat!! And of course the all too frequent trips to the bathroom.

But knowing that it's made me understand why I'm tired so much!!

Shame they have lactose in them as a bulking agent!!


Hello, yes! I just went for bloodwork and I was low in iron, b12, AND vitamin d! Interesting!


The weird nature of IBS seems to be there is no rhyme or reason to remedies and doctors don't seem that interested either so its down to forums like this to try and test theories. I think you may be onto something with vitamins etc. Ive found vitamin B sprays to be helpful rather than the tablets. I found the tablets made me feel groggy after taking them. The sprays don't sit dissolving in your guts so they're metabolised in the saliva into the bloodstream. Im "down south" where the sun does shine for a couple of hours in July so haven't tried vitamin D but thats another one thats available in spray form.


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