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I really need help re: H Pylori

Hello, I took the triple therapy for H pylori but I only took it up to 10 days. Since then I've been trying to live a normal life. It's been about 2 weeks since I stopped bc the pills were so harsh on my body. But now the symptoms are coming back and I am so worried. Has anyone ever stopped at 10 days? Or before the required time.

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Did you feel sick or why did you stop early?

Have you tried the alternative options that we mentioned to you?


Yes I was really uncomfortable with the candida overgrowth it caused. I couldn't take it anymore so I stopped on day 10. I will go back and look at the alternative options that were mentioned. I didn't try any. Thanks


I understand. Unfortunately never the good guys want to overgrow. :)

I did the Candida diet for over a year plus the medications.

But I gave up when I learnt the Candida is normal and a healthy body needed to control it. So I couldn't have a chance against it until my body is not working properly. (Of course you are going to ask me now: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? :) )

Have you seen this?


Thank You. I have not but I will watch


I am going to try everything she mentioned in this video. Thank You for sharing!

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I took the same meds, my treatment was for 10 days. I only felt better for couple of days! Whenever I went back last year all he wanted to do was perform another endoScopy..(over $5000 procedure) which I refused to do last year. It has been over a year now, that I have suffered daily so I'm giving up and submitting to the procedure once more..good luck

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Thank You so much for sharing your experience. I felt good for about a week but now I'm back to square 1 again!


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