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Really just having a moan and want sympathy lol

I have tablets but they take a day to start working so I thought I would have a moan and see if anyone else gets the same. I get very random and unexpected anxiety attacks. They take my breath away and my heart beats likes its going to escape from my chest. I don't mind when there connected to an actual fear but when it just kicks off no reason I find it very exhausting. Is it just me?

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Anxiety attacks are horrible, aren't they. The worse thing is having the impression that it's very serious and that something awful is going to happen to us.

But deep down you know that it is an attack and that even though your heart is racing and it's very disturbing you will be OK. You have had others and you were OK. And this time you will be OK too.

One thing you can try and do when you feel an attack coming on the is to start taking deep breaths to "welcome" it. Try to direct you mind to your breathing and concentrate on taking deep breaths and resist being sucked up by the fear. Think of it like a big wave that picks you up - and puts you down safely. Not easy to do, but really worth trying. You may find that you have fewer attacks as a result.

Hope this helps,



Thank you for your reply. Thankfully this is something that happens rarely. Yesterday's one was particularly horrible and left me feeling shaky for a while. I think it's connected to an upcoming doctors appointment but anytime I tell a doctor that am having anxiety attacks they want to put me on anti depressants and I don't think my frequency warrants that. I just wish they didn't happen at all 😔


It's good to have a moan.

I was prescribed antidepressants too. That was the point I realised they had no clue what was going on inside me. I didn't take them and I didn't go back. Since then I have finally recovered from IBS without any traditional medication.

There is a reason why deep breathing works. It actually stops your stress response and calms down the body: sickofibs.com/well-being/a-...

Hope you have a good day:)



There are things that may help anxiety attacks like CBT cognitive behavioural therapy or mindfulness, do ask your doctor if there are other things you can try. Google them if you want to find out more.

Also "No Panic" have a website that tells you all about dealing with panic attacks. It may help you.

I had them once and understand but there are more info out there now so get help and they should subside. Good luck and let us know how you get on.


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