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My digestion issues are getting worse and worse each day, I feel so nauseous, my mouth just never feels clean, I have very bad sugar and carb cravings and I am tired and stresses.

I think I may have Candida, does anyone have this and what are your major symptoms?

Thanks x

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NailQueen what are your symptoms ?

NailQueenxo in reply to kathmax

Mostly bloating, indegestion, low mood, carb and sugar cravings, lethargy

kathmax in reply to kathmax

I also have those symptoms but get pan as well

I don't have candida but I have severe nausea caused by my ibs if that's any help? Xx

ahh i see, thank u x

Hello there NailQueen! Sorry to hear your suffering. You might have to go and get help from an Intergrative Medical Doctor. As you wait for your appointment date, stay away from all thing that are obviously made with sugar, honey, fructose etc. And, the non-obvious such as bread, pasta, potatoes etc. No fizzy drinks or tea with milk or sugar. Check to see how you feel at that point, conceding to appointments that at least two or more weeks.

Thank you! Thats great advice, i will be sure to cut out foods that are likely to feed the bacteria x


Does sound like it could be. This article gives you the major symptoms for SIBO and

You could ask your doc for a breath test,


NailQueenxo in reply to Hidden

Thank you alison highly appreciate xx

Hello again. You're very welcome to any help that's why we try to help w ideas. Candida albicans is from the yeast family and is a fungus. Should you be on prednisone or inhaler you need to watch your sugar diet as hungry as you may become don't eat it. It's hard but if you're right, you'll feel better. Just remember to get your stamp of approval bc it could always be something else. Good Luck

Perfect! so helpful , also, do u notice excessive bloating/fullness with candida along w other symptoms?x

If the situation worsens, you are doing something wrong... because the body heals itself once you get on track and give it what it needs... Watch this, practically I healed myself with the help of this guy, had very bad symptoms for a year or so, literally thought I will die... then I changed my lifestyle, got rid of bad habits, went into sports, exercises, healthy diet and in a matter of 3 months, I got completely reborn... ;) don't take any medication, it won't help you, go natural, that is the key... ;) wish you success!

NailQueenxo in reply to Kory

thank you!

gbyron in reply to Kory

Kory, please could you tell us who this guy is and share the link as a text link? Thank!

Kory in reply to gbyron

That guys is John Bergman, somewhere from the US, he is a chiropractor. He has very useful videos on his youtube channel which could help a lot of struggling people to get on track. Here is his about section from his youtube channel

Yes i had a bad candida overgrowth after a serious infection and two weeks of very strong antibiotics.

I was doubled up with belly inflammation, lost a stone, couldnt eat, felt sick, breath was rancid, had thrush....

i eventually went to a clinic a alergist and nutrionalist and had bad overgrowth of candida which had given me bad food intolerances to as my stomach was so inflammed it could not digest.

All i craved was sugar and bread ( yeast) which is what feeds candida. So i had to give up all sugar including fruit, all sugars of any kind, and anything yeasty!!! As candida is yeast so ur putting more yeast in there....

So i took digestive enzymes, probiotics three times a day, a tavlet called DIDA and ate steamed chicken and veg, no gluten, no dairy no yeast then went back in 8 weeks and it had gone and i felt so well... for first time in 6 months i was better .

I still have intolerances which they think will come back in time( meaning i will b able to eat them) but im still susceptible to candida...

i have decided to stay dairy and gluten free anyway and i still not on much sugar.

It only way to kill it, starve it of what it lives on... u will see it coming out in ur toilet so u know when it gone but u still must stick to it.

Junie2 in reply to Lulububs

Hi Lulububs

I am not sure if I have Candida,

But I am interested to know if you are on a special diet and do you take probiotics?



Lulububs in reply to Junie2

Hey junie.

I got a bout of it after alot of antibiotics. My ibs got worse and i had bad stomach all the time went from ibs c to d all time and my poo was a weird colour almost whiteish!

I felt sick after anything yeasty i knew something was wrong as i couldnt tolerate bread even the smell turned my stomach. I was so ill after ate it to.

As the candida thrives of yeast as it a funghi. It also thrive of sweet and sugar so if u find ur stomach gets upset straight after them foods thats a tell tell.

I went on strict dit but it was only 6 weeks!

So not end of world although i have stuck to alot as i noticed my ibs got alot better to.

So no sugar! No yeast! No sweet stuff or caffeine. No gluten or dairy which is what i have stucked to the gluten dairy free. Also no fruit as it is fructose so still sugar( only 6 weeks)

I lived on porridge ( gluten free). Crisp breads and hummous and veg and meat no red meat or pork. So turkey and chicken.

I took probiotics, digestive enzymes and a tablet called “ DIDA” which has all the natural herbs that kills candida.

Within 2 weeks i was better ... i saw it out till week 6 and i was totally better but it changed my eating habits totally. I stuck to most of it as i liked way it healed my ibs alot to.

Ive had two flare in one and half years and that was someone putting spice in my food!

U actually see it die of in ur poo its disgusting!!!

Also u will get headachey and joint aches but i just saw it through and it went then i felt brilliant

Hi!! I found two products that literally target the heck out of candida! The seriously helped me out of a really bad case of fungus and I'm feeling tons better. If you'd like the info, let me know: here's my email -

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