Ibs or chrohns

Hi I've just joined health unlocked and been diagnosed with ibs,but my symptoms are getting worse and my daughter and I are thinking it could be chrohns as she as a friend with chrohns and my symptoms are very similar to hers and she's suggested this to my daughter as well. I've got to do a feacal sample and have that tested to determine wether I have. Can this sample do this. Does anyone know please thanks

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  • The stool sample looks for a protein called calprotectin that is a sign of inflammation - nice.org.uk/guidance/dg11. If the result is positive you will probably still need a colonoscopy to determine whether you have Crohn's or ulcerative colitis.

  • Thank you for explaining that patientj

  • I have been wondering the same thing! its worrying as i really don't want crohns! im hoping my symptoms are not bad enough - what are your symptoms? i was diagnosed with IBS years and yeas ago as i went through a stressful time an developed consistent diarrhoea and had constant urgency and it lasted 2 months or so but it got better and i have been fine for years - with just the occasional minor symptom...but about a month ago no i ate some dodgy chicken (i think) i got sick - bad bad stomach upsets and now iv'e had diarrhoea for about a month, if i eat anything other than rice, crackers,toast, oats or eggs. I dont really have any pain now and the urgency isnt too bad! but i miss food - and people keep suggesting it could be crohns!

    I read that a feacal sample and a blood test can help to determine if its IBS or crohns and from that if they suspect crohns they will take a sample from inside your bowel to confirm!

    Fingers crossed your tests come back ok and your able to get some help! Check my last post - listed things that have helped my IBS before - they may help you! :)

  • Thank you for replying minafox. My symptoms are stomach ache all the time lots of days really bad. It doesn't matter what I eat,after I've eaten I have to go to the toilet and I can go up to 5/6 or more times in a day when it's real bad. My stools are formed each time. I used to be constipated n that was hard keep wanting to go. I take about 6 dried prunes a day and that helps with the constipation n been able to not take fibregel for months. Quite a few times when I've been to the toilet,it leaves me with the feeling in my bottom that I want to more even when I can't possibly do anymore. I like you hope it's not chrohns. I hope you can get sorted out as well. It's awful isn't it. X

  • that sounds really awful! i hope you are able to find some relief soon! i am sure colonoscopy will help shed some light and things WILL get better! i will cross my fingers! :)

  • Thank you minafox. X

  • hi, i feel your pain. I was diagnosed with i.b.s with diverticutis i had all the same issues you have including the urgency and thats a horrible feeling to have.My symptoms came out of nowhere 1 day i was fine, the next day i was suffering from then on. I went for a 2nd opinion and they found i had c-difficile. i went thru months of anti-biotics which then they told me the infection was gone. But i still had all the same issues with my bowels. They insisted i had I.B.S and that i had to try different food and drink to see what i could tolerate. after trying different foods i found that 1 food group was always at the top of list of my symptoms. it was dairy products with lactose. I stopped eating/drinking dairy with lactose and within a week i felt way better and was having normal bowel movements again. I looked into it more and found that bowel issuses can cause an intolerance to lactose. Your bowel stops producing lactase which digests lactose which causes you to have gas/bloating, stomach pain,and the urgancy with diahrea. i hope this helps you and i hope you feel better.

  • The colonoscopy will show your whole insides and they will look around in there and find out what your health problem is for sure- ibs or chrohns

  • Thank you suffering. I dread having one of those I'm petrified to be honest. I have a real phobia with hospitals.what they can do to me and also injections. It's awful. I hope your ok. X

  • Hi Sparkydoo. Don't worry about the colonoscopy. I have had 3 now and as long as you go for the sedative you aren't really aware of very much. The worst bit is the emetic drink you have to take at home beforehand. Make sure you stay near the toilet!

  • Just looked up the word emetic. The drink clears out the bowel. It doesn't make you vomit!

  • Thank you for that linedance does the drink give you stomache ache. I wouldn't want the drink to make my pains worse. There bad enough as it is lol. X

  • I didn't get stomach ache. You just get looser and looser stools and have to keep dashing to the toilet. It takes a few hours to finishing working and you have to make sure you drink plenty of water too.

  • Hi sparkydoo

    Iv had the same symptoms as yourself for years and have been tested for coeliac more than once as it runs in my family but its came back clear each time. First the gp did a physical examination and palpated all round my bowel and abdomen it was so painful i was crying. She then did a blood test to check for inflammation. I was then reffered to gastroenterology at the hospital who did the same thing and decided on the spot i was fine (grrrr) but sent me away with a stool sample again which checks for inflammation and he gave me a copy if fodmap diet (im so sick of hearing about this) and also a prescription for an anti sickness drug. He said even tho im never sick this drug apparently slows down the digestive system and helps stop the diarrhoea. The sample also came back clear. Im still like everyone on here left to deal with it alone!

  • Yep montykat I can see where your coming from. I've been hospital with it mri n internal up my bottom etc. Usual reply ibs we are all sick of it cos it's so much easier for them to say that and tell you you have to live with it n it's for life.

  • No pain just lots and lots of time in the toile. Best to stay at or near home the day before.

  • Thank you suffering

  • CT scan is an alternative method if you don't prefere colonoscopy .it can detect crohns /diverticular/Ulcerative colitis ..etc.

    it can be backed with special blood test for detecting crohns antibodies in the blood to make a more accurate diagnosis.

    Good luck :)

  • Thank you a lot for that eternity78.i know now I can fight my corner about the colonoscopy best wishes 😀

  • I thought I must have crohns or colitis also,my symptoms are severe ive been like this 20yrs and are getting worse,ive hadblood tests, barium enima,2 colonoscopys and abdominal ct scan,the conclusion is diverticular disease and IBS ,im at my wits end,ill every day sometimes so severe I have to spend hours in the bathroom with one end on toilet and other over a bucket with severe vomiting,I get terrible cramps,and excessive gas (charcoal capsules are good for this) I go to toilet up to 10 times most days,sometimes get constipation that leads to vomiting. The last flare had me in bed for 5days,but im still left to live with it,I was told diverticular disease was not bad enough for operation so most symptoms are IBS ,ive been searching for years and spend a fortune on supplements and medictions but nothing helps,just been trying home made kefir(that is supposed to be marvellous only to be disappointed again I think its made me worse,,wish someone would discover something to help us with this life changing illness.

  • Cassie17, poor you. This sounds like a nightmare. I also have diverticular disease and IBS. I have also been told that my symptoms are caused by the IBS and not DD. Do you ever take Imodium to slow down your bowels? I find it helpful and usually take it if I am travelling, just in case.

  • Hi linedance I have taken Imodium in the past but try to avoid it because it then causes constipation and the pain is terrible then, over all the years I think the best things ive tried are lepicol and VSL3 so im going to go back to them and give another try,its such a life changing illness isn't it and lots of people don't believe how bad it can be, someone in my family said "oh yes ive also got IBS" but it never interferes with her life she can eat anything, drink, go on holidays make plans and stick to them,, I wish I had it like that lol.I had to pack my job in and have not been on holiday for 5 years.

  • I do sympathise with you so much Cassie17 I wish also that the professionals would help us all. It's not right that we all all suffer from this day to day. There must be something they can do surely,or is it to costly. Makes you wonder. I'm sick and tired of it like you. We can't just be told to live with it. It would be different story if it was them. I've tried loads of different things like you only for them to make it worse. Best wishes to you.

  • hi sparkydoo,I think the best things I tried over the years are lepicol and the probiotic VSL3 it works out expensive but instead of a full sachet I will take half each day and see how it goes, every other probiotic has been waste of time for me, but everyones different nothing my gp prescribed has been any help,I find charcoal capsules help with gas ,of all the embarrassing illnesses this must be the worst .

  • Thank you cassie 17 I've also tried charcoal tablets n they made my tummy ache worse. I have no luck with anything I've tried. Best wishes

  • I truly sympathise with you Cassie and can feel your agony 💔 have you tried Flagyl antibiotic for the diverticular disease ?? my mother's friend was hospitalised for severe stomach pains ..and after all tests done ..they diagnosed her with diverticular disease and she already has IBS before ..they gave her Flagyl for a long course and now she is so much better that she is able to travel for summer vacation.

    hope you can find something to ease your symptoms 🌷

  • Hi Eternity78,I did ask my gp about antibiotics and he said they didn't believe in giving them now(im in uk) unless there was an abscess because it can makes thing worse, last year I did purchase some antibiotics privately that are supposed to cure sibo (small intestine bacteria overgrowth) they cost me £129 and didn't make a bit of difference.x

  • Be sure to have them test you for c-difficile bacteria this is a terrible infection that throws your whole bowel system out of whack. i was diagnosed last year with it but after they told me the infection was gone i still had horriffic bowel issues. they insisted then that i had I.B.S and that i should try the fodmap diet. as i was seeing what food/drink i could tolerate to ease my symptoms i found that dairy products with lactose was always at the top of the list. after going a week dairy/lactose free i felt way better and continue to feel better today. Infections or other bowel issues i found by research can cause your bowel to stop producing lactase which digests lactose in your bowel. this then is produced into sugars that then go into your blood stream. when your intolerant the lactose stays in your bowel causing it to ferment producing gas/bloating, diarea/constipation, and a constant urgancy to relieve your bowel out. i'm not sure if the medical field has studied this yet but give it a try as it worked for me and i hope it helps you to feel better. "Good luck"

  • I've done many of these and have came back normal until my last one said swollen bowels which I'm now being referred for, they can do lots of tests for this using it.

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