Heavy sedation

So i am having to go in next week for another colonoscopy but under heavy sedation this time. My concern in how i will feel afterwards as i have heard stories of people feeling really sick afterwards. After reading the leaflet it is also a common side affect, that and actually vomitting. I am so petrified of actually being so i will be telling them i want some sort of anti sickness put in me at the same time they put in the sedation drug to try and prevent any feeling of sickness before it even happens.

How has anyone felt after heavy sedation?

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  • Hi of course ask for ant sickness meds.They cannot refuse.You have a right to ask for anything.I don't do too well either but I tell them and they put it in my notes.The nurses say its better than running around with bowl's all the time.You should have one when going to sleep and then they should top you up on coming round.Good 🍀

  • Haha yeah thats true, thank you

  • I too had heavy sedation for a colonoscopy and felt mildly sick afterwards, but didn't actually vomit and the feeling passed within a couple of minutes.

    I think, from what I've read and heard, this is a 50/50 thing and some people don't have any nausea/vomiting whatsoever.

    Try not to worry about it, the staff will be well-prepared for all eventualities and I hope your results are good.

  • Thank you, feel more reassured now. At least i know it shouldnt last long and will make sure they give me the most i am allowed too lol

  • Hi, I had sedation when I had my colonoscopy, I felt fine afterwards and had no side effects from the sedative. Good luck, hope all goes well 💐

  • Thank you, just want it done and over with now

  • I have seen this happen with other types of sedation. Tell them you want propofol, and you will not have this experience. It is short lasting. I have it with every colonoscopy and endoscopy.

  • Cool, thank you, will do

  • I have to a colonoscopy tomorrow. I'm dreading it heard loads of bad things about the procedure. Is it really that bad? I would love to be put to sleep 🙈

  • I felt absolutely fine afterwards. No sickness at all. Hope it all goes well.

  • I’ve had heavy sedation several times and came to absolutely fine. Sure you will be fine.

  • Yep , get the anti sickness drug and all will be fine , good luck

  • you will be fine they do put in anti sickness med's so you will be fine ive had it and didnt feel anything at all...

  • I was sedated when I had my Colonoscopy last August and it certainly did the trick as I didn't feel a thing and have never felt so relaxed in my life, I would have the procedure again in a heartbeat as following the diet 2 days before and then the day of the Picolax, my tummy was the best it's been in a very long time. I was what I would call lovely and woozy and enjoyed a lovely cup of tea when I came too properly.

  • Thank you everyone, it went so smoothly. I didnt feel a thing and the nurses were great :) heavy sedation is the way forwards!

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