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Is it worth asking for pain relief/sedation for sigmoidoscopy?


I am having a flexible sigmoidoscopy next week and wonder if anyone has experiences of this to share? I am particularly wondering whether to ask for painkillers and/or sedation for the procedure? I'm not sure, as the consultant thought it might be best, as I have so much discomfort in the lower abdomen anyway, but at the same time, if it's only 20 minutes is it worth it for the recovery time from the sedation? Also, what is it like afterwards, do you need any recovery time, or am I likely to be up for being back at work the next day (the procedure is in the afternoon).


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no, I don't think sedation is necessary... I had one done... the only thing I might warn you about is after its over... you might consider wearing some kind of pad (Depend, etc) because as I was driving home...I got sudden explosive diarrhea...:( They had given me an enema before the procedure... not sure how they handle this now... you might call and ask them...

Good luck to you!

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I had flexible sigmoidoscopy last year. I was VERY nervous about it. It's really not too bad. I was asked if I wanted sedation, the consultant said it was up to me but he said I probably wouldn't need it. I didn't. I had a very sore anus through diarrhoea, he popped a bit of anaesthetic on me and up he went! A couple of times the camera bumped into me, but he said, whoops sorry and manoevered it to one side. No worse than any pains we get with IBS! Felt great when it was over. Good luck. Plenty of deep breaths to relax. x


I had the sedation so I cannot comment on what it's like without it but I didn't feel a thing. You don't actually go to sleep & I can remember chatting to the nurse & consultant during the procedure.

They gave me a light meal & a drink after then I went home.

Easy, no problems at all.

Good luck.



Be aware that if you have a sedative, you will be advised to avoid driving, alcohol, using machinery, or signing legal documents for 24th. You will also be required to be collected from the dept by a responsible adult, and have someone with you at home overnight.

One suggestion would be to ask the Dr to cannulate you (a small needle put into you are or back of hand) and then try the procedure without the sedation. If you find it too uncomfortable it would then be easy to give you the sedation and continue the procedure. Bear in mind you would still have had to arrange being collected etc just in case.



Thanks for all the responses, that has put my mind at ease. I am going in tomorrow so will see what they suggest with sedation, but I think I'll try and manage without it. Had the first lot of moviprep today and apart from a very painful hour when it was getting going hasn't been too bad, hopefully the second dose tomorrow won't be as bad as there won't be much to shift!


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