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Hi all

For about 5 months now I have been getting intermittent symptoms of abdominal pain, nausea, frequent bowel motions which are soft but not diarrhoea and occasional constipation. I also feel tired and generally unwell sometimes with hot flushes. This happens around once a month and lasts 1 to 4 days normally.

I went to gp last week, he seemEd a bit unsure but has referred me for a pelvic scan. I had thought the symptoms seemed to appear around ovulation but then symptoms started up again yesterday which is the 2nd time this cycle so not sure now it is related to that.

I am trying to keep a food diary but I've not noticed anything particular that precedes the onset. I'm feeling a bit fed up now a food and just want to feel my normal self again.

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Just wait for the results of your tests and take it from there.


My IBS is worse around my periods but yes wait for your results and advice maybe lee a diary of what you eat and drink around this time too? X


Thanks both. I know I need to wait but I've no idea what I should be doing in meantime. And I've no idea how long I'll be waiting for this scan. Yesterday I was almost back to normal. This morning cramps and diarrhoea again. I've been keeping note of what I'm eating. Nothing obvious as yet.

If the scan is going to take weeks I'm going to go back to gp and ask for blood tests in meantime.


My doctor suggested I remove yogurt from my diet! This actually has helped. Since my symptoms are close to yours, I thought I'd mention it. Good luck.


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