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I have suffered with ibs for the past 16 years and have still not found any way of really improving the symptoms. I am lactose intolerant and believe I have issues with other sugars also. I have had an endoscopy about 2 years ago,which ruled out colieac disease. My main problem is excessive wind,which can be a real problem at work. I take Valerium capsules to help with my anxiety,which help to calm my body and so eleviate stress. I just feel that even when I try to avoid the foods that I think irritate my stomach,I still get excessive wind,especially from lunchtime onwards. My doctor just seemed to think that there is not alot that can be one really now and just to get on it. Not very helpful really. Does anyone have any similar symptoms or advice.

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Hi Seal, have you tried the FODSMAPS diet? It excludes gluten, lactose and other sugars which ferment in your intestines and cause wind, bloating, flatulence etc. I have the same symptoms as you and I started it 2 days ago, others on here have had great success with it. You can download lists of prohibited foods via Google. Got to be worth a try. It's not too difficult, you are still allowed most foods. Good luck, let us know how you get on.


Thank you jazzy Joan,I will down load the fodmaps diet and let you know how I get on. Seal x


Thank you for your advice,I will def give the fodmaps diet a go and read up about the glutamine. Seal x



Yes, the FODMAPs regime is working so well for me that I feel quite re-born, so I agree wholeheartedly that you should give it a try.

If you follow this link it will take you to the fodmaps web pages from Monash Uni in Australia where the diet was, and still is being, developed:


You can download a brilliant app for iPhone from there which is great for quick reference especially when you're out shopping or in a restaurant and there are also some good recipes. Patsy Catsos's book 'IBS - Free at Last' is also a mine of info.

Keep us posted!


Hi Seal

Like you I have a lot of wind which not only annoys me as it not only sounds bad but sometimes also smells, I hate being like this. I also have other symptoms like bloated tummy etc.

I am registered with a dietician and am waiting for her colleague to be trained on the FODMAPS Diet, I agree with JazzyJoan and you should give it a try.

Best of luck


Hi grandmother,I know how you feel. I feel when I get bad wind that I cannot stop and talk to people for too long,just in case I let wind out. It's just so embarrassing. I don't think people always understand,they just think you must be eating unhealthy food all the time and why can't you stop doing it. Luckily,I have been quite open with some of the people I work with and have told them that I suffer with ibs and even though I still need to find a way to keep it under control,at least they know I have a problem. In my last place of work,I allowed it to rule my life and it made me more stressed and I ended up leaving a job that I really enjoyed. I hope you manage to find a way to cure your ibs too. Let me know how you get on with the dietician. My GP would'nt refer me to a dietician,as he said they don't refer people for ibs,just other health problems like Diabetes,etc..


Hi Seal, please give the fodmaps diet a try - I've only been on it for a few days and already I can feel the benefit. You can manage without a dietitian because it really is not very restrictive. You can have foods from all food groups, you just have to choose the right ones and the lists available on the internet really help. Good luck and please let us know how you get on. Jazzyjoan


Seal-it sounds like you need a new GP! Dieticians can help some people with advice on things like common triggers and exclusion diets (including FODMAP). Not everyone has dietary triggers but it is definitely a worthwhile avenue to explore. Please find a GP who will refer you to a dietitian-if your symptoms can be controlled by diet management alone rather than a variety of drugs (although they can help too!) then that surely has to be a good thing. Wish you all the best in finding some relief.


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