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Painful IBS

Hello. I've been suffering with IBS for about five years now. It started when I was about 62 I guess. Unfortunately, it seems to be getting worse in that on most days I have very painful (usually loose) bowel movements and have to sit on the toilet off and on for at least 1 to 2 hours most mornings. I've tried the low FODMAP diet, but my symptoms did not really seem to be related to food. i've been retired for nearly 2 years and had hoped that not working and not having the stress that goes along with work would relieve my symptoms, but it doesn't seem to have helped any. This condition is the most frustrating thing I've ever experienced. I can't make any plans in the mornings. Typically I'm OK by around lunchtime and feel perfectly fine the rest of the day. My family physician and my G.I. doctor basically just say I have IBS. I'm going to insist on taking another hydrogen breath test to see if I have SIBO, Because a few years ago I tested positive on that test and took Xifaxan which helped out only for several months. Perhaps that's my issue again and I could try another course of that medication and maybe this time it would fix me for good. I just don't know what else to do.

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Hi Pat. I noticed your post because I, too, was in my sixties when I was diagnosed with IBS, which, I believe is slightly unusual. I've recently found out that Bile Acid Malabsorption causes similar symptoms to IBS, as does Microscopic Colitis. Did you have your gall bladder removed before the IBS started? This can cause Bile Acid Malabsorption. Microscopic Colitis can only be diagnosed by taking tissue samples when you have a colonoscopy. Everything looks normal to the naked eye.

It's certainly worth mentioning them when you next see your GP or GI consultant. I empathise and know how frustrating it can be. I had my gall bladder removed nine years ago, but, unfortunately, when I mentioned Bile Acid Malabsorption to my GP he dismissed it and wouldn't refer me. However, I may well try again!

I hope that things improve for you.


Thank you for this information! It is certainly worth mentioning at my next visit!!


Hi I can relate after 7 months ago having had semonella poisioning have had loose stools most days or just small pieces sometimes like worms - fodmap diet helped a tad only. Haven't had an appetite for that time too - had a recent colonoscopy and endoscopy nothing sinister she thinks I have post infectious sibo - I'm on flagyl for 10 days her suggestion if it doesn't work have to live with it - keep on fodmap and normafibre. I'm 62 this year. It's debilitating I understand how you feel.


Hi ronij, my IBS also started after a bout of Salmonella back in 1996 although I wasn't actually sick or had diorrhea (I had a stool test 2 weeks later and my doctor confirmed I had Salmonella). I had never suffered any stomach issues before then so it was a complete shock to have problems like bloating, bad stomach pain and mainly constipation.

I have found some triggers i.e. sweetcorn (cannot go anywhere near it as I'm in agony), cauliflower, broccoli, raw onions and raw carrots. I also think that oats may also be a problem with me as I have been eating one or 2 homemade sugar free flapjacks (they are made out of honey and I got the recipe from a book '6 weeks to sugar free') now for a few months and my symptoms have got worse. I am leaving work in a few days so will then have the time to eat breakfast so I will stop eating the flapjacks altogether and see what that does. Some people have said on here that they cannot tolerate the gluten in oats so I have purchased some organic gluten free oats.

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Hi yes my symptoms are exactly like yours. I had a course of steroids the were amazing cleared everything up. But right back with a bump when the course finished, I'm still working so it does cause problems in that area.


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