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Strange night and morning


I suffer from ibs-c and diverticulitis having to take laxido every day, last night woke up several times desperately needing to pee but barely producing any (normally I can pee for Britain). Woke up this morning listening to my stomach making its usual bubbling and groaning then suddenly realised I had to get to the loo sharpish, barely made it when I emptied myself with what seemed like pure liquid, this happened a few times over the next couple of hours. What is strange is that my usual routine is, get up, cup of tea, visit the bathroom, take my tablets, actimel etc then feel very weak and shaky and have pains in my stomach and nether regions and generally feel like hell. But this morning I am feeling a little weak but otherwise ok, strange not going to complain..... Yet :D

Have a good day everyone



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