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My tummy is my enemy

I hate the mornings rushing to the loo as soon as I wake, pain is a real wake up call there's no waking up slowly anymore no cuddles in bed with my hubby snoozing my alarm for that extra 10 minutes in bed its more like a harsh words to my hubby bc he's been ages in the bathroom ( prob 5 mins which seems longer when it's so urgent ) poor man. This illness is taking over my life what I eat when I can leave the house where I can go baring in mind I need a loo handy at all times I have a mental illness also & usually manage my depression and anxiety pretty well but this Gastritis is making it very difficult I have already had long periods of sick leave from work so I have to soldier on. My tummy is my enemy !!

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Hello there im so sorry u are going through this isnt it awful the way it affects us. I have a family 2 young kids and have had many run ins with them and my husband in the mornings where they literally get thrown out of the bathroom we are now actually considering making our bedroom into an ensuite so i can have my own loo. It sounds ridiculous. I wish i never had to eat again!!


Horrible sorry your going through this. Morning time is always worse for me especially when I have to go to work and take my daughter to school not fun! I also have anxiety which just makes it worse but counselling helping. Have you got meds/support etc? X


I had chronic IBS for years - and I have recovered from it.

What I'm going to say is only based on my personal experience - and will probably sound a little crazy as it goes against what you generally read on the subject of IBS.

For me, the first thing to understand that despite everything it is putting you through, your body is not your enemy. It is trying to protect you from what it perceives as a threat -whether that is a real threat or one that experience has taught it.

If you treat it as you would a newborn baby, listen closely to its cries, and try to work out what it needs you to do, then you can reduce your symptoms.

I am not a medical professional, but for me you need to look deep down, beyond the symptoms. What is gnawing away at you deep down? The answer may not just pop up immediately, but just asking the question may start unlocking doors for you. I hope so anyway.



So sorry you are suffering with pain and loo trips. My experience is thus and remember we are all different. I have had IBS-D for many, many years properly diagnosed via a colonoscopy. I have learned to listen to my body. I know what not to eat. I love rambling and have only just learned to enjoy it again as I take an emergency kit with me. You have to learn to manage IBS and not let it ruin your life.

I have not experienced depression so I am unable to comment on this subject. I do however suffer from anxiety which does not help the IBS. Which one comes first anxiety causing IBS or IBS causing the anxiety?? All I can advise is listen to your body and put together your own package to help yourself whether is be prescription pills,yoga,exercise, diet or medical exclusion tests. I wish you well x

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Thank you for your advice & kind wishes awaiting mri test results seeing consultant on 12th may & another Endoscopy on 22nd. I will make an app with my gp about my low mood. Your msgs have helped me so much I will try to look after my tummy & be more careful with what I eat Thank you again I'm so grateful 😊 xx


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