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Hangover without alcohol?

Hi I joined a few days ago and this is the most beneficial thing I have done. Just to know others are the same as me.

I was amazed to read other get headaches with the IBS. I seem to get them when I need to go to the loo in the morning. Can I ask does anyone wake up with a hangover when they haven't had any alcohol?

I class myself as a non-drinker but I will have an odd glass at wedding/christmas. However some days I wake with the mother of hangovers. Two weeks ago we went out for a meal with friends. I drove they had a few drinks. I had a mushroom risotto and 2 spoonfuls of my husbands cheesecake! Woke up with banging headache thick head and nausea.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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I'm convinced food reactions cause headaches - feels like a hangover from what I can remember of one ha ha!(as alcohol doesn't agree particularly and give me headaches very easily I never over drink these days - sensible but dull but still treat myself to one occasionally) I also feel when I'm bloated and food is sitting in me too long not moving on how it should then I get headaches - even with drinking water, taking exercise and getting normal amount of sleep - frustrating to say the least


Yes that's just it. I feel if I could get the food I have eaten out of me before bed I wouldn't be so ill in the night. My daughter also suffers and is Glutton free. She however does drink cider. You can also get Glutton free beer I have heard.


Hi there,

I agree with you that this group is good to help you see your not alone suffering - we are all individual with maybe different triggers and different ways of trying to manage which is a great resource to learn from and people on here are supportive too!!

I tend to get the headaches after a bad bout but put it down to dehydration and probably some stress too!


As jane has said, you need to keep hydrated, especially if you have had alcohol. And as sofamama has said, food intolerences can cause headaches too. Gluten from foods can cause people so many different reactions not just the obvious bowel related symptoms. Too much sugary foods can cause a rush and give a blinder when on the downward slope afterwards.

You could recreate the same original instance to see if it was a one off or happens again. If it does, do it again but cut out one thing. That is how people do the elimination diet to find a trigger. And work your way through by continuing to add and subtract each food type( ingredient).



My IBS occurs approximately once a month and I think is hormone related. I am usually woken up very early with the urge to open my bowels - I pass a lot of bowel movement but never have diarrohea. This goes on for about 3 hours and then results with me have a severe headache and feeling thoroughly lousy. I always presumed the headache was caused because I was dehydrated but my GP said that passing this much bowel movement shouldn't dehydrate me.

On these bad days I take Immodium so that I can get into work and I will normally feel lousy until lunch time - I can't stomach any food and I can't even face a cup of tea. It usually takes me 2 - 3 days to feel normal again. I am prone to headaches but on IBS days they really step up a gear. I do not suffer stomach cramps.

I am really hoping to talk to someone who has the same symtoms as me - certainly our headaches sound very similar.



Hi yes i feel as you describe. Every 2 to 3 weeks when i have a large bowel movement, i get a bad headache and feel lousy for about 2 days, like i have no energy. I also have pain in my gut afterwards and have to take pain killers. The rest of the time i suffer constipation. I dont know which is worse!

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Ah. Well the headaches sound just as you describe. Its like getting the poison out of your system before you can get on with anything. When I started having really bad bouts I was going through menopause and they said hormones were a factor.

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Its nice knowing others have the same problem, im 19 years old and quite fit but I've had bloating for 6 weeks now which gives me a nauseous feeling accompanied by various cramps and pains. Today I woke up with what I can only describe as a hangover even though I haven't drank since Christmas. I feel dizzy, low in energy, shaky with a throbbing head. Has anyone found out exactly what this is yet, I'm still undergoing some tests with the doctor but most seem convinced its IBS related which I have my doubt's about. Its an awful feeling which has made me worry as its not just a stomach issue anymore.


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