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Lactose in pills!!

Well I didn't read ingredients for the amytriptalin and have had horrendous ibs attack since yesterday afternoon which is still ongoing - woke with stomach pains for 2 days previous but thought it was just a side effect and would lessen given time knowing that this could be the answer for me and that it has helped others .

So with lactose an ingredient which is a trigger for me I'm pretty sure the pills have triggered this!!

Waiting for a call back from gp to see where/ what I do next!!


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Do u have IBS by any chance? If not you could try the liquid version or try the version from wockhardt as they are lactose free hope this helps Sam


Hi Sam ,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I've had ibs probably since being a child - but was properly diagnosed when I was in my 20's.

I was trying the amytriptalin 10 mg to see if it would help as it's got worse the past few months . My gp is also doing tests for fpc and that heli pylor bacteria I'm also having blood test this week. I was tested before for hp but was negative but doc wants to cover it again.

I'm following fodmap diet having been previously diagnosed gluten intolerant and knowing I'm also dairy intolerant.

Are you saying there is a liquid form of the amytriptalin ? The first day was amazing to be honest - was pretty woozy but even bloating had gone and no runs!! But since pill no 2 I've been poorly and getting worse .

Thanks again x


Hi Jane,

Ahh in that case the liquid version may not be suitable either as it contains malitiol which is a polyol and isnt really helpful for those with ibs but do you no if you can tolerate them if so maybe worth giving it a try ☺

Hope this helps x

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Thanks - had a call back from gp this afternoon who will try and track down lactose free tablets for me. And yes I did read about the malitiol and wondered about that too!! He did dismiss the liquid version as it £109 for 100 ml!!

Thanks for your advice 🙂


Ok thats gd then bloody hell didnt realise it was so exp lol at least hes trying to find u an alternative thats gd gd luck n anytime 😀

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If you know you are lactose intolerant you need to tell the GP/pharmacist who will try to give you an alternative. Unfortunately a huge no of piles contain lactose


Hi yes in future I will say before prescription given to me - but to be fair having discussed my gluten/lactose intolerance I assumed they would be okay to take - but I guess my gp wouldn't have known either and I was too slow in the fact of looking at ingredients . Hopefully today or tomorrow I'll have a new prescription once they have found some lactose free ones 🙂



I tried amitryptoline for a while and found I was not getting any better. Since starting fodmap very recently I suspect lactose is a trigger for me too. I now take Nortryptoline which is less drowsy and seems to be helping. It might be worth a try.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you x


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