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IBS excess mucus in throat/reflux

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Hey guys does anyone else with medically diagnosed IBS experience acid reflux and excess mucus in their throat ?

Also fatigue as well as tension headaches ?


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Acid reflux can be because of IBS.

You haven't strained a muscle in your neck? It can cause those symptoms.

Check out scm symptoms online and see if it is why you get the headaches etc.

Hi i have IBS and GERD and I find iam quite tired alot of the time . I am on omeprazole for the reflux and I find that my diet plays a big part with the reflux .

I only have acid reflux on a rare occasion but I definitely have excess mucus these days, and sometimes it leads to vomiting. It's bizarre, I'm not sure if I'm eating something I'm sightly allergic to? I find a tums or a little vinegar in water seems to help, but I'm open to other suggestions.

Try organic apple cider vinegar with 'mother' or hcl with pepsin to ensure your stomach enzymes are working to break down the food properly

Have you been checked out for Candida? Worth considering.

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How do you get checked for that ?

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Ask your doctor for a hydrogen and methane breath test. You may find an article I posted on Candida and SIBO useful: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...


Yes, I have mucus in the throat, always tired. Have you found anything that works?

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