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Nausea, weakness and stress

Hello! I am really struggling at the moment with constipation nausea and sharp pains in my throat. I have been having weak legs as well at the moment not sure if that is related? I am terrified of being sick and it has become a real phobia. Also going through a lot of life stresses which I don't think can be helping. Anyone got any suggestions or have similar symptoms?

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I have the same thoughts about being sick and if somethings going to happen, I begin to worry (more than stress over it) even after eating I begin to think OMG what if this makes it worse and the lower half of my body mainly legs start to feel weak for a few days. (like a mild ache) Doctor has said to me nothing as he thinks it could be related to IBS and we are currently doing the food elimination process and stress elimination.


Hi there, I have been suffering these past 3 weeks or so with on and off nausea, struggling halfway through my meal (I felt like this last night but did nearly finish it in the end after I took a deep breath), stomach pain every single day, feeling like there is something in my throat (this isn't all the time but I am getting that on and off - I actually think that is stress). I suffer with Emetophobia and have been looking at the Thrive Programme: emetophobia.co.uk/. This is a book which has been written by Rob Kelly - Amazon sell the self help book and a lot of people have been known to cure themselves of Emetophobia within 6 to 8 weeks.

I looked at the star rating on Amazon and it's excellent but there are a handful, just a handful, of people that are sceptical so I wasn't sure what to do. When I wrote on this forum that I had Emetophobia as well as IBS someone replied to my post and said that they had followed this programme and they said they have never felt so good and the programme worked. I haven't yet ordered the book but I will order it as I have suffered with this for far too many years and so much so that I now cannot stand the winter because this is when Norovirus tends to be prevalent. I am fed up with the fear of being sick - it's ruled my life but now I'm going to take control and follow the Thrive programme and get better - I want to enjoy my life. Also, it will make the symptoms of IBS i.e. the nausea, better as I won't be in fear.

Best of luck to you.


iv got the same sytems I'm have a scan on 2nd to see whats causing the pains in my right side and then I'll need to see about my legs having a terrible time with my legs even wakes me up during the night


the pains in the throat for me turned out to be reflux so have it checked out because I don't think this is the Ibs


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