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Best anti-nausea medicine?

In your opinion what is the best anti-nausea medicine for IBS?(I think I have type C)

I'm on metoclopramide but it only works for about an hour and the nausea comes back.

The only time it is effective is if I take a tablet and go to sleep for a couple of hours.

This isn't the best solution as it isn't very work-friendly.

At the moment both GPs I've seen are reluctant to try me on another type of nausea medicine.

I've heard zofron is very good but GPs are reluctant to prescribe it.

If I offered to pay for the medication myself do you think it might change their minds?

Please help!

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I'm on cyclizine hydrochloride and they don't make me nearly as drowsy (I take one in the morning and one at night) I've tried the one you are taking and prochlorperazine both made me drowsy to the point I fell asleep at work lol hope this helps


I have cyclizine and prochlorperazine neither makes me drowsy the later is for dizziness too


Do you take a lot of medications and have you got ulcers stomach because my husband he is often have the same nausea but when he stop taking med his sickness ok but he need to take all his pills back.


My nausea is link to my ibs according to the gastrenerologist but it took nearly a year and a LOT of tests to get to this conclusion


Hello Laura,

This may seem a very simplistic answer, but for me if the cause of your nausea is bad digestion (and maybe you know differently) , then the best medicine you can offer yourself is finding out how you can help your body to digest better. If your nausea depends on what you are eating, this post may be of interest : sickofibs.com/ibs-triggers/...

Have a great day,



Metoclopramide will not be very helpful with nausea and it has many undesirable side effects overtime. It should help with emptying your stomach a bit faster, but I far prefer ginger. You can buy candied ginger and chew that as needed, or you can buy ginger chews (Chimes or Ginger People), or you can swallow ginger capsules if you're able to do that.

I have had gastroparesis, IBS-C, and slow transit for YEARS, and to this day I chew on ginger many many times a day. It is the most helpful with the least side effects.

I have used Zofran in the past during emergencies, and there are a number of reasons why he probably does not want to prescribe it. It will make you very sleepy, will exacerbate constipation greatly, and is extremely expensive. Now when I have a dire emergency I prefer an Ativan, but that is a narcotic and I almost never take anything like that. I rely on ginger.

I hope this is helpful to you in some way.


Ive tried everything, the only thing I find helps is a shot of pepto bismol or Rochester ginger (holland and Barrett) when the nausea is bad, this calms the nausea& calms my stomach, but only for a short time. I know how u feel& it's a really awful feeling. Good luck x


Hi. I personally fine metoclopramide excellent. I have also tried ondansetron, which was very good too, however that can cause constipation so probably not a good idea if you suffer IBS-C! Sorry to not be of more help and I hope your discomfort finds some ease! I too suffer with bad IBS related nausea and know how awful it can be!


Hi there, I have tried all of the above during my ibs journey. Cyclizine doesn't seem to work for me. At the moment Phenergan is helping unless the nausea us REALLY bad. I hope you find what works for you. Nausea is unbearable :(


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