IBS and nausea

Hi I'm new to all of this and first time posting. I was diagnosed with IBS last year after suffering for quite a few years prior undiagnosed. Since the start of this year I have been getting constant nausea and dry wretching: had an endoscopy, blood tests, urine tests to no avail so far, have tried four different anti-sickness tablets and omeprozole currently trying domperidone was just wondering if anyone else has gone through this or is going through this? Thanks 😊

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  • I have had ibs for the last 30 years but only developed nausea in the last year for some reason. I assume it is linked. I have had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy this year and, like you, all seems to be well. I was given prochlorperazine which seems to work, although it means no alcohol!

  • I've been on those, cyclozine, another one beginning with m and now donperidone I found that prochlorperozine made me really drowsy

  • Yes, I do feel tired all the time.

  • I had a colonoscopy about 1 1/2 years ago & my bowels were blocked. I was having diarrhea, nauseated & also constipated. The doctor put me on Linzess & I am now doing better. I found out you can have diarrhea & be constipated at the same time. I would be so nauseated but could not vomit. Talk to your doctor about Linzess.

  • Ok I'll ask when I see them Friday thanks 😀

  • I went to my GP because of dihorrea but ended up I was severely constipated. I ended up in hospital 15 times with bowel obstruction and was put on linzess 250. I was diagnosed with slow transit constipation and had surgery last year to remove 1/3 of my large bowel. I now just take laxido daily to keep my bowel moving. Linzess is very expensive so doctors don't like to prescribe it in the uk. My colorectal surgeon put me on it. Also use to take magnesium hydroxide and 4 laxido a day before surgery. Still got bowel obstruction even taking all that so had no option but to have surgery.

  • Oh blimey and there was my doctor last year when I was diagnosed saying that ibs is the mildest bowel condition!

  • He should have stopped after the diagnosis.

  • I know! Clearly she (dr) has never experienced ibs!

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