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No answers for me?

Had bloated stomach for 5 years,have had tests done and gallbladder removed ,doctors and hospital still don't have answers so now I feel like it's a guessing game,when I say bloated it is very swollen and firm and restrict my movements ie bending and I get spasms like cramps from time to time both in my abdomen and back although not much pain,this does not come and go it's with me 24/7 ,I'm not able to walk very far without feeling very uncomfortable and for the last few month have been getting out of breath,was in hospital in January and had an Angiogram which came back all clear but the consultant that discharged me said it was mild angina,now the tablets or the spray does not help which makes me wonder if it's coming from my stomach??

Anyone experience anything like this would be so glad to hear from you

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Hi there,

Have you ever been told it could be ibs?

I'd go back and see your doctor if the pills are not working for angina because I'm sure the hospital will have run tests and prescribed them based on the results. Maybe you need a stronger dose.

Go see what they say as I'd hate for you to get worse thinking they not working


Also look into whether it could be Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, SIBO, which seems to be ignored by gastroenterologists and GPs - it is under diagnosed and dismissed without any consideration. It is fully treatable with antibiotics and possibly also herbal antibiotics plus a short time Specific Carbohydrate diet. Only specialist nutritionists/doctors seem to even consider it. More info here: siboinfo.com/


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