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For a long time I have suffered from pain and fatigue, muscle aches and spasms. I was in constant pain with my stomach and constantly running to by Gp. Last week I finally got answers to both my problems. I had an appointment with my gastro consaltant after having an adominal mri, the results been that I have mild chrons. I have been prescribed meds and I'm hopeful that the will reduce my symptoms. The following day I met with the rheumatologist who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia 😔. Iam happy that after numerous trips to the doctors and hospitals and after lots of tests I'm finally on medication to reduce my symptoms. I know that I'm going to have good days and bad days, but Iam going to be optimistic and hope that with the right meds my symptoms won't be as severe.

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  • Although Crohn's, however mild, and fibromyalgia aren't pleasant things to have, at least now you've got the right labels for your symptoms and, as you say, are getting some proper help and medication.

    I think abdominal MRIs should be part and parcel of diagnostics before anybody gets an IBS label stuck on them. I had a proctogram last Friday which involved having gel inserted into my colon by a tube and then having to expel it with the MRI scanner running (lol) so the consultant can see exactly what happens whilst things are in motion so to speak! It'll be interesting to find out the results as a colonoscopy showed nothing wrong.

    I hope you do well on your meds and that you get some good help and support.


  • Really interested to know your results Rosie.

    I've had colonoscopy that showed nothing,I'm now awaiting an MRI scan on my pelvic area to see if there's any nerves trapped,also on my back.

    But if I get no answers I may ask for a Proctogram.

  • Yes, bit of a mortifying exercise to go through but painless and necessary I think.

    I do have a problem with my spinal nerves and have an appt to see a neurosurgeon end October. I'm pretty convinced it's all connected especially if nothing can be found wrong with my pelvic area bits.

  • It's really interesting to read this as I often wonder how much one part of the body affects another - I had a really bad back injury about 14 years ago and have have 2 decompressions of the spine - but i have suffered from recurring cystitis and on/off flare ups of IBS (yes, I've had all the tests). Things seem a lot worse when I am stressed and I get back ache and diarrhea. I have found that heating up up a wheat sack and either putting it on my back or tum (depending on what is worse at the time) really helps - I suggest getting a really good what sack from a physiotherapist as they are far superior than the ones you can buy over the counter

  • That's what my Gastrologist thinks it's all something to do with nerves damaged or trapped, because it's never ending pain,still we'll see,if not I'll mention that test you've had.

  • Just a bit more info that might be useful if you find yourself asking for a proctogram: there are two ways of doing it, one is using X-ray and the other more expensive (and, therefore, less used) version is with MRI...

  • Thank you Rosie,I'd probably ask for MRI.

  • Hi,

    I have had this. Yes it's embarrassing but the staff were lovely. The thing I don't understand is they do it while you are laying down on your back, who 'goes' like that!? Not sure how helpful this test is but if you do go for it then don't worry :)

  • glad to hear you got a diagnosis - after loads of tests, nothing sinister has been found just IBS so I'll just have to manage.

  • What did they do to diagnose fibro?

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