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Nausea and IBS

Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone knew what might cause a change in my health even though I haven't changed how or what I eat. I have been nauseous constantly and painful IBS episodes have returned after having some relief for a couple months. I have no clue what could've changed but I really really don't know if I can deal with this much longer.

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Stress? Hormones? Medication? Could be numerous things. Also sometimes I can tolerate certain foods or amounts of certain foods, other times I can't.


It might be the food thing cause nothing has changed in my life, it just happened so suddenly like I went from being manageable to hell again and I'm leaving to Oregon tomorrow for a week which I now see was a terrible idea


Go see a different GI specialist and tell him/her about your symptoms.


I've pretty much already seen all the ones in my area


If you type in google "What the nhs dont tell you IBS" it says the three main causes of IBS is Parasite, Bad Bacteria and yeast overgrowth called candida.. If you read all the information on the website it puts a whole new perspective on why you have IBS symptoms which are identical symptoms to when we have parasites living in our bowels. They are often refered to as the silent killers..

hope this helps


Go to the doctor - could be diverticulitis - but need to talk to the doc and get advice if you are going through those things to get some help.


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