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Ok, I think I've figured I have a gut bacteria problem or something like that. But I'm worried I could have a stomach ulcer or h pylori! Whenever I don't eat breakfast and have an empty stomach in the morning I start to feel really sick and my stomach hurts. And it goes when I eat. Also a few months ago I threw up randomly and was fine after. I'm having a lot of acid reflux at the moment but I'm worried it could also be h pylori. I have booked a doctors appointment but it's not for a week because my local surgery is closing down I think.

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When u see your doctor ask for a test for Dysbiosis.


Hi, I don't think the nhs do a dysbiosis test! I did have a stool test before but I've read up that nhs stool tests aren't very good and always come back negative even if there is s problem. I don't know what to do as I know a comprehensive stool analysis would be good but I don't think I would be able to afford it


Ask your dr to refer you. Then ask for a stomach scope ( can't remember the correct name). You will get it on the NHS. But all this takes time. I did this and samples from gut showed I had H.P. Good luck.


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