Hi - has anyone tried this and if so, what were the results? I have to go to the toilet multiple times a day and have read that it regulates bowel movements and makes going to the toilet easier and smoother. But I'm nervous of trying it in case it makes me constipated (ironically even though I go to the toilet A LOT my worst fear is not being able to go, because until I've managed to empty everything out, my stomach hurts horribly.)

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  • I got on for a number of years with this. It's relatively inexpensive. It's just having to take it it with the water that I couldn't do before work. If you have time, I think it's a good solution. Good luck.

  • It didn't do anything to sort me out and I took 3 teaspoons in water each morning for about 3 months. I used the lepicol in the red tub. I too am going multiple times a day.

  • Hi Rupert22 - you say you go multiple times a day too. With you, does it happen at any time, unexpectedly, or do you know when to expect it? Do you have ways of coping? I plan most of my day around when I expect it to happen, which as you can probably imagine is pretty limiting.

  • Is the Lepicol for IBS-C/D? I have C and it been a chronic condition for 3 years now. I am in the restroom more 20 minuntes, more than several times a day to relieve myself; sometime it's a productive movement, other time it's a pebble and it all feels the same. I've tried herbal tea's, psyllium, flaxseed, oxy powder, magnesium, probiotics and more. So far on a random basis lemon water

  • ... fresh lemon and ginger or unpasteurized apple juice (Warmed in the morning) seems to give me a good kick start after about 30mins.

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