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LEPICOL 1st week

I started using Lepicol 1week ago and I thought I`d give my first impression. I`m an IBS D sufferer of many years normally using Imodium and Buscopan to control things but over the last 6 months or so symptoms have got significantly worse. Anyway, about Lepicol. I started on 1 spoonful twice per day but within 2 days I upped this to 3 spoonfuls 2 or 3 times a day taken 30 mins before meals. It certainly has made my stool less loose but as yet doesn`t seem to have had much effect on frequency of visits or feelings of urgency and continual discomfort. I know it`s too early to make a decision on what it will do in the longer term, so I`m prepared to keep going with it for the time being, the makers recommend at least a month. I`ll blog an update next week.

On another product; I`ve just seen ad for Silicol Gel and I`ve emailed the makers for more info.

I think I will also be looking at the Low Foodmap diet but I`m unsure if I should be starting too many things at the one time.

Thoughts on any of the above will be appreciated.


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Please get tested for Sibo (small intestinal bacteria infection) & go on low fodmap diet, diet will help regardless & if you have sibo you will need to do anyways. Sibo goes undiagnosed in most ibs patients.


I don't see any harm in starting the diet even though you are using other methods to control your IBS. It will make it slightly harder to see what is the most helpful thing, and you might end up having to experiment by stopping other meds to see what happens and whether the IBS is still in control without them and just with diet - if it works which I sincerely hope it will!


I found that a dairy free diet has controled my diarrhorea so you could try eliminating foods but I think you would need to try this when not taking medication as you will not know if there is any improvement and whether or not it is food related


I do eat alot of cheese. Thought it would help. maybe I need to stop eating it!!! Thank you for getting back with me!


Hello....thanks fro getting back with me. Keep me posted and I will do the same. I hope yours gets better too! I wonder if Lepicol would work for me since mine is caused by surgery. Your's wasn't right?


Hi Martg, I am wondering if Lepicol has improved your symptoms. I have IBS diarrhoea which affect me in the mornings. Had all the usual tests but no scans and have tried various medications, currently Fybogel (which isn't having any effect)

Any advice welcome.



Hi niz70. There has been some effect since I started taking Lepicol about 3 weeks ago. The main difference is that my stool is less soft which is a definite improvement for me. However changes in frequency and urgency have been minimal and therefore I`m still taking a mixture of Codeine Phosphate, Imodium and Buscopan which I was doing prior to starting Lepicol. I will continue with Lepicol for the time being as it`s the first time in a long while that something I`ve tried has had any positive effect. I was prescribed Fybogel many years ago when my symptoms where starting but it didn`t do anything for me, if I`d known about Lepicol then I would have taken that instead. I`m still considering other supplements, eg; Symprove and Silicol Gel but haven`t decided yet. I`m happy to answer any questions and I`ll post from time to time with updates. Hope this helps, Martg


Hi Martg. Thanks for your quick reply. I think I will try Lepicol as Fybogel isn't having any effect. I'm unable to take codeine phosphate as it clashes with my other meds but have used Imodium at times. I find this does help but often makes me constipated - so then I have to take a laxative. I will try one Imodium before bed, my diarrhoea occurs 1st thing in the morning, during and after breakfast, then I am OK the rest of the day.

Thanks for info. niz70


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