I'm wondering if anyone else has had my problem.

It's happened a few times now I suddenly feel that I need the toilet then all of a sudden i just can't stop it and it just comes And I can't hold it this happens even though I have been to the toilet about half an hour before. I have taken to wearing Tena pants when I go out now this makes me feel safer but I'm wondering why I don't even get the feeling that I need to go it's very upsetting and makes me feel very anxious which I think probably makes things worse.

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  • Yep. I've been incontinent on... 4(?) occasions with too many close calls to count. Some of mine was dietary related that I figured out with FODMAPS and other elimination diets. Others seems to have no rhyme or reason. They strike suddenly and I've got about a minute to have my backside on a toilet or the worst happens. And it's never been a little accident, it's always a full disaster for me. If I'm traveling, or anxious, I use a diaper, which is more mental comfort than anything. And I've used mantras/distractions to get me past the critical point. If I worry/think about the accident, it happens. If I can distract my mind I can buy a few precious minutes to look for a washroom.

    You're not alone.

  • You are definitely not alone, I have had a few accidents now, so hard to cope with.

  • Thanks for your reply I am taking silicol gel for a while now and I was doing really well I feel so bad that I can't control my own body people who don't have this find it hard to understand I think. Luckily I have a very understanding husband who is a big help to me.

  • Hi there, how have you found the silicol gel? How long have you been taking it and do you find it helps. I took it for a few weeks and then stopped so not sure if I should go back to it.

  • When I first started taking it there was a marked improvement but I seem to have a few setbacks in the last few months hopefully it will improve though. You should persevere I'm sure it's worth it.

  • Thanks I might go back to it. I just sometimes think that if it is going to happen it just will.

  • Dear janetJAM have you tried Metamucil? It's psyllium husk but easier to take as Metamucil just in a glass of water followed strictly by another glass of water. You can take it 3 times a day if needed. I noticed a remarkable difference taking it once a day. Good lu c j

  • I've never heard of this I will definitely look into thank you.

  • Take Imodium before you go out, that should help and stop you getting anxious about it, which will also help!! Also always take 2 Imodium straight away after the first 'motion' and also buy Imodium 'Instants' for when you have to go out - just pop one on your tongue if you feel you want 'to go' while you are out - they just 'fizz' on your tongue and that's it - definitely helps!!

  • Thank you I have taken Imodium before but it stopped me going for a few days which worried me I might try the instants never used them before.

  • Or try half doses. A full immodium can sometimes give me major bloating and pain.

  • What is the longest time that you have taken Imodium for?

  • I don't take them long term, for me I find it can make my guts more unpredictable once i stop them and things start to normalize. I know some people take it longer term though - maybe someone else can comment. I'd definitely take it for your flights if you're nervous. I also have worn diapers on the plane, more for psychological security than anything. I'd also take your own food and snacks on the airplane, the food they give out is questionable at best

  • Hi, i have used Imodium but only a few times,how does it affect you if you have to take it regular ?I am flying to Australia via Singapore for 2 nights and i am a nervous flyer and know i will need to use it.Also i can't eat gluten,nuts or seeds,any tips?

  • Hi. I have the same problem and im really mortified. The doctor has put me on Mebeverine and I hope it helps as the peppermint oil and immodium just made it worse. I'm always anxious about it and I know it makes it worse. Apparently we just have to live with it but I know how you feel. X

  • It won't hurt if you don't 'go' for a few days - bit of a relief actually!! However things WILL return to normal, it isn't as if you will never go again!! They are particulary helpful if you HAVE to go out anywhere. The 'Instants' work in exactly the same way only much QUICKER, something very useful if you are out and about, and you do not need water to swallow them!!

  • A life saver for me!

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