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IBS and going to work

Hi everyone :)

Just out of interest has anyone ever had to turn down a job role because the role included working hours that are far too early in the morning? I had to do that today as the job wanted me to start at 5am which wouldnt be an issue at all if I didn't have ibs. Starting at this time would mean I have to get up at half 3 which is silly just to relive myself fully before leaving the house. Has anyone else had this issue?

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I am returning to work this week, been off for 2 months, I have a rectocele and a rectal ulcer. It's 2 - 2 1/2 hours before I can even think of leaving the house. Work have suggested flexi time, when I can get in I get in ! Without that it would be another sick note. Can totally understand you being unable to take a job role starting at 5am. Very frustrating and it's good you have decided not to put yourself under that kind of pressure. Good luck 😊


Hi, yes, but, I am so bad that I no longer work !

I used to work shifs 2-10 and 6-2.

I am a fully qualified hairdresser too and cant be breaking wind etc in care of general public.

I was also a sewing machinist for M&S kept getting into trouble for constant loo breaks and also drinking water at my station-I was a peece worker making ladies skirts and blouses.

I dont feel guilty anymore !

I do bits of sewing at home -alterations, but, I cant do hairdressing anymore.

I had to go to college for 3 years and it wasnt cheep; so I feel all that was wasted.

All The Best


Yes this is my problem in jobs people have been irritated that I keep going to the toilet and when I tell them it's ibs they make out its just a silly stomach ache that I can't handle and they still complain. It's so annoying! Sorry to hear about your experiences!


Hi I agre with Clarel 7 and that is what I get ESA but the support group.

i have had to go citiczen advise tho and have been to 2 tribunals and 3 medicals from the department


If your IBS effects you so badly that it would fit the definition of disability as stated in the equality act then your work place would have to make resobable ajustments. If you Google access to work that will tell you all the information you need


I also think its worth getting a "can't wait" card so you can show it to any that may question your condition and toilet frequency


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