What I personally do about my issues- CHADD

What I personally do about my issues- CHADD

I am the type of person that finds it easy to deal with any issues that arise though it is never easy for a person I am a very confident and realistic person and I will do what is needed to make my health and well-being as good as I can, I have made some dietary changes in the past 2 days but I still do what I feel suits me if that means putting sugar on my breakfast cereal then so be it, it makes me happy so I do that. A person needs to look at what is right form them as an individual after all though we are all basically the same we each have different likes and dislikes, as well as thoughts,views and opinions.

My best advice to anyone just be yourself and enjoy life, I do but I still need to make some improvements especially in my personal life. Sorry about the photo, but I have to look in the mirror every morning (HA-HA)

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  • Always try to be happy chadd 😀

  • Hi I take my hat off to you; what a great guy !

    All The Best x

  • Hi Pains57 I have read your message unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who are bad, but there are also people that are good, there is no excuse for what people do my ex wife went off with someone else and we got divorced she re-married 3 days after the divorce was finalised, after that I took over the role of looking after our 4 sons' after a short period of time when I was not happy with the way they were being treated. I am not perfect but I do believe in taking responsibility for my own actions our sons' deserved better than the way they were living


  • Hi chadd I have had similar with my doughters NEW huband- had to take them to family court to see my grandson; he is not his son and his own daddy died when he was just 2. he is deaff and has emotional probs, still wetting bed at 9 years old.

    i won court case !

    Ever Blessing x

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