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About 5 years ago I started to get really bad stomach problems and to suffer from constipation with left sided pelvic pain the constipation always got worse around my period anyway after the usual tests I was told it was ibs (I always was doubtful about this) 2 years ago my periods became really horrendous so doctors then mentioned possible endometriosis so long story short I had a coil fitted and a laparoscopy last November nothing was found so I was then told it was nerve pain.I am now on amitriptyline and tramadol the pain does not stop always left side now with lower back pain and my hips are always painful when the pain gets really bad the pain goes down my left leg too.I am being referred to a pain clinic next month.Is this similar to anyone else?

Sorry for the long post but I'm really finding things hard at the moment

Thanks treez

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Hi there,

One thing I would suggest you try which worked (at least in part) for me too was a liver detox (usually containing artichoke). My pharmacist explained to me one day that all the excess hormones we can experience are processed by the liver. If the liver gets overloaded it doesn't eliminate toxins and hormones as well as it should, causing build-up and symptoms (like horrendous periods where they were OK before).

If that is effective, I may have some other suggestions too.

Hope this helps,



Thanks,that's something that I've never heard of I'll look into it.



For constipation, I found magnesium very effective. Check out this post for details: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...



Brilliant thank you


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