Awful endoscopy!!

Hi everyone!! Had an endoscopy done yesterday and it was terrible!! It was supposed to be under sedation but I was never sedated. Well they proceeded anyway. I was freaking out and crying through the whole thing. If the medicine wasn't working why wouldn't they try something else. I have never had this happen during an endoscopy before. I'm so upset about the whole thing. I feel like I was just another case # and they wanted me in and out. I know the test is short but it was very traumatizing. I was so mad at the doctor I wouldn't even talk to him after. I don't even want to go back to him.

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  • I have had the same experience and I was trying to pull it out of me he ended up stopping and believe me I didn't hold my tongue or my p's and q's, but I informed him if I ever needed another (which I did) I would not be having him do the procedure, it is our right. Next time I went I explained what had happened previous and the doctor listened and it was a breeze again. So just request a different one and explain you will be fine. X

  • I sympathize as I had a similar experience. Some doctors just treat you as if you are in for your car MOT! They are the ones that studied about it, but have never had one themselves. They just don't realize.

    I agree with Jojo. If you ever need another one, make sure you get another doctor and talk it through.


  • I had the same experience the first time I had one. With the waking up and trying to pull the scope back out. The doc immediately gave me another dose and put me out. After the procedure, he told me that it would be best for me to find a Gastro who actually puts me under, because some people don't sedate as well as others, I have had 2 more, and made a VERY BIG DEAL about my fear and trauma, so the first one just doubled sedation because they did not have access to the meds to put me under for that procedure, the second, just put me under, it was great! You must be your own advocate! No one will stand up for you if you don't! Throw a fit! Its your life, you mental health at stake. Good luck!

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