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Crystallised ginger?

After breakfast of a boiled egg and cornflakes I ate 3/4 of a 500g bag of sweet ginger chunks. I had cheese on toast for lunch and only picked at half a well-heated Co-op hotpot for the evening meal. Next morning, at 4am I woke and only just made it to the lavatory in time but not without a lot of a mess. I immediately took 2 plus 1 loperamide capsules. 3 more visits to the bog and then took another capsule. Could the crystallised ginger have been the cause, as it was the only unusual change in my routine? Delicious as it was, I had my doubts about the ginger as I was eating it because it was an unknown commodity bought from Home Bargains and was cheap!

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When I have been searching for natural cures to chronic constipation, ginger comes up as a natural remedy. Maybe the quantity you had has had a laxative effect. Hope this helps 🙂

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Thanks Lynn...I guess you're right....I did overdo the ginger and will know better in the future. Constipation has never been a problem with me, I have always been on the loose side!


It's hard to resist a tasty bargain though. ☺️


Can you normally tolerate corn? I often can't.


I love Sweet corn on the cob, sweet toffee-flavoured popcorn but not Jolly Green Giant in tins.....nor the other kind of corn that is the rubbish staple media offering especially.on TV.


I personally cannot digest ginger in any shape or form.

Crystalized ginger often contains sugars and other additives. that's what you could have a reaction to. This article may be of interest to you: sickofibs.com/ibs-triggers/...

Hope this helps,



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