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IBS-C and leaky gut

Hello, I'm new here so apologies if thread already exists on this..

I have had IBS C/D since I had intussusception when I was 1, but I'm currently struggling with improving my mood surrounding the condition.

I've had a stool analysis which says I have high inflammation as well as dysbiosis in the gut. I've tried probiotics and diet shifts but to be honest I'm so confused about what I can and can't do, I feel totally out of control and this is affecting my mood (as well as the constipation affecting serotonin levels in my gut).

Does anyone have any advice on how to take control of this condition? Or simply how to be happy with this condition?

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Joy you have come to the right place, I too have Dysbiosis. I was treated with a gut only antibiotic called Vancomyicin for several weeks, then put straight onto 500 billion strength probiotic for several weeks, I saw a slight improvement but not much, I have had a stomach the size of 9 months pregnant with twins. What this treatment w as supposed to do was kill off all the bad bacteria in the gut. The things you can do yourself are garlic and parsley tablets or raw garlic every day. No carbohydrates as the bad flora lives off carbs. Have lactose free milk, eat lots off just cooked onions, drink a ginger kefir, eat raw asparagus chopped into a salad. That's if you can digest a salad. I have eggs for breakfast, with bacon if you like, lunch salad and fish, tea green Veges and meat, poultry. I have sugar free jelly with cream as a treat. You will need to be very strict to kill this off. Wishing you well


Thanks very much! I have heard many good things about fermented foods being so good for the gut. Interesting point about the carbs.. I do have a lot of carbs at the moment, what would you say fills you up? Can you take oats at all?



I am sorry to say no! No carbs at all.

No fruit except strawberries.

It is hard but you need to do it to clear your gut. This condition causes obesity if not corrected. The final thing to do and you will be shocked is a faeces transplant from a healthy donor.


Ok thank you I will look into this further!

Oooh I've heard about those helping with auto-immune diseases and Parkinsons etc! My brother is exceptionally healthy... Maybe he would donate!


It's horrible. I've had ibs d and leaky gut for a very long time. Slowly I had to begin to accept it. Diet it soooo important getting in fermented foods. Peppermint. Probiotics and stress relief. Basically a lifestyle change is needed add in good exercise or meditation.



Hello Franjanu, thanks for your reply! Yes I think peppermint would be good for you as it acts as a 'stopper upper' as well as soothing the stomach but for IBS-C it would not have a great effect...haha!

Would you recommend anything in particular for stress relief?

Great website also!



How many CFU of probitoics are you taking a day? It should be at least 25 billion per serving a few times a day. It should be live and free of additives. Also have you tried psyllium husks??

I have advice and experience on both natural holistic or medicinal stress relief, let me know what you prefer info on


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