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Fibro and IBS

I have had IBS for 15 years, nothing helps get rid of this bloating and weight gain. I look like I'm 9 months preggers my gut is so huge! I have to buy huge shirts to hide this because I feel so ashamed of how I look. I also have fibromyalgia which keeps me in constant pain. I've tried probiotics but that didn't help. Can someone, anyone help find out how to stop this? #feelingbadinwichitaks

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I to have the same. Now I am on fibro get after breakfast. One. Actimal lunch time one fibrogel after dinner you can buy at boots bus open that helps with the pains also the bloating


Have you tried looking at what you eat for the bloating, certain foods cause my stomach to be bloated. Have to avoid wheat. As I suffer from colitis. Try keeping a food diary to see what your triggers could be. Best of luck



HAVE YOU TRIED FODMAP DIET? ibs doesnt cause weight gain.weight h=gain is caused by too many calories.Wlking can help with ibs and some yoga can help.i know fibromyag may restrict exercise but its really helpful.

foods that trigger my ibs are wheat, artifical sweetners, a lot of chocolate, nuts, onions , garlic, shrimps, mushrooms, gassy drinks,cider,prunes and raw tomatoes.have you had sibo test ?

hope something on here helps. dont give up im the best ib v been for 20 years. about 1 day a week mild/ bad cramps.


I have fybro and ibs and struggle with my weight and the same huge belly! I am on a constant healthy diet. Fish, salad, chicken fresh veg, home made soups and sauces. I really believe it can affect our weight. My husband can't believe what I eat doesn't lead to weight loss!! Some people with it have the opposite and cant keep weight on!

I wish I hadthe answer honey I really do. Sometimes knowing someone understands helps a bit tho. I do avoid bread 🍞 and anything white, rice, pasta etc. But veg makes me very windy too. So I don't know what's best to eat. Hugs xxxx


Try eating Low FODMAP. that helped me immensely. And fruits that are low fructose like berries and honey dew etc. Do some research. I promise it will help. A paleo diet helps too


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