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Stopping Lisinopril

I've been having abdominal pain since December. Have had EGD, found nothing. Had CT scan of abdomen last week and was basically negative except for a small abnormality in my small bowel called transient intussusception, which is when the bowel telescopes within itself kind of like a straw with the accordion like folds at the top. It's more common in children and less common in adults. My surgeon and General practitioner think that the blood pressure med that I take is causing angioedema and swelling in my intestine. Lisinopril is an ace inhibitor and it has been known to cause abdominal pain and angioedema. It usually requires exploratory laparotomy to fix this, but they want to investigate this more and so tomorrow I'm having a small bowel follow through and Upper GI where you swallow barium. I've also been on the FODMAP diet because my doctor thought I had IBS. If this is from the Lisinopril and the pain goes away, I will be so ecstatic! I'm posting this because if any of you are on the blood pressure medicine called Lisinopril and have continued abdominal pain and can't find the etiology, you might want to mention this to your doctor. I am stopping the drug and will be started a new blood pressure med tomorrow.

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Glad you seem to be getting answers. I too take lisinipril and have had vague upper tummy soreness. My gastro said much the same as yours in that it could be the tablets. I have since been diagnosed coeliac with b12d so had lots going on! But i still have the tablets and still the pain so i think it is time for a change for me too. Despite 'trialing' various different bp meds in the past, which all gave me symptoms which now on reflection were more likely to be because of the coeliac.

There is another forum for hypertension which might welcome the information you have relayed here.

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Interesting. I take Lisinopril, and get occasional flare-ups of IBS. My guts do feel sore most of the time, and bloated. I wonder if these are related.....

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