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Advice on ibs


Hi im stacy im 29yrs old 4kids also work parttime I was told 2yrs ago I had ibs to this day I have not found anything that helps iv tried peppermint cables and tea (not at the same time) iv tried cutting out most things which is hard as my abitite isn't great anyway iv tried eating 3times a day. Iv Tred some of those tablets can't rember what they were called but nothing is helping please any usefull information would be great.

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hi,I have had severe ibs for over 20 years and am still searching for something that really helps the most usefull things I have found up to yet are magnesium citrate for constipation and charcoal capsules for bloating gas,probiotics help a lot of people.

Stacy29 in reply to cassie17

Thank for replying I did try probiotics onces they did help for a little while will go get some today and try them again.

Would you recommend magnesium citrate and charcoal capsules.. I have terrible constipation, bloating and constantly windy..I've not heard of these solutions before.

Yes Millyvannilly magnesium citrate works well for constipation ,I used to take 3 x200g tablets taken together now I just take 2x200g best taken evening, charcoal capsules absorb excess gas and toxins ,don't take charcoal directly after medication though because it will also absorb that.Magnesium citrate was lifesaver for me with constipation.

Thanks cassie17 I shall give it a go! X

Me too Stacy29 Cassie17. I have had IBS for 22 years, since I was 18 and I have been through all lots of medications and alternative therapies but nothing has worked or helped for a significant amount of time. Have a read of other posts on the site, as there is a lot of information already on here, and see if there are things you haven't tried & maybe give them a go. Its all just trial and error but hopefully you might just hit on something that works for you.

Stacy29 in reply to Ralphy38

Thank you for the reply I will have a look on here and see.

cassie17 in reply to Ralphy38

ive just read about silicolgel Ralphy38,im going to try this next have you tried it?

Stacy29 in reply to cassie17

iv not tryed that yet i will definitely look into it.

You could have a fermenting gut, try garlic and parsley tablets and see if it h lips, everyday for a month. Perhaps ask your doctor for a Dysbiosis test.

Stacy29 in reply to denvajade

Thank you for the reply I'll look into it and speak to my Dr.

ive just been reading about silicolgel on amazon and holland barrett ,its sounds good by reviews i;m going to try it,give it a read see if it may help your symptoms.

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