Constant ibs help!

Well im 30 had ibs for 12 yrs but got worse when 4 years ago i had gallstones ouch had gallbladder removed i opened pandoras box there every day since then my ibs has hit the roof i also have nervous dyspepsia now too not one day do I feel ok I get upset tummy then its blocked just as fast headaches tired n generál under weather had endoscopy shows nothing doctor not helpful when i get fed up n go there sorry guys im sounding gloomy but is there anything i can také to calm my stomach down ive tried Omeprazole mebeverine and aloe vera any ideas would help x

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  • Strange but when they removed my gall bladder no one said anything to me about diet.

    I automatically do not eat fatty things or dairy and this helps but I am now trying Symprove to see if this will help. It is not cheap though.


  • Nobody said anything to me about diet either john just to get rid of gallbladder as the stones will come bk as i had pancreatitis from them what is symprove?

  • I am 68 and I have suffered from ibs on and off most of my life I had my gall bladder removed 2years ago and the ibs got more severe I have had all the usual tests but find that adjusting my diet has helped most and Buscopan ( I have tried others but this seems to suit me best)

  • Thankyou guys i was told before op that my body would cope with no gallbladder mine hasnt i get indigestion lots and can feel pain when my body digests food! Anyone else get that as for diet i dont eat a lot of junk food as it makes ibs worse :)

  • Symprove is a liquid with different types of biopics in and is taken once before food in the morning. The idea is that you will change the bacteria in the bowel for good ones (as bit like probiotic yoghurt) but much more effective they say.

    Not sure I want to continue for three months at the price it costs. Look it up on line, you will find a supplier.

  • Thanks john ice looked it up and ordered it but £22 is a lot isnt it but if it helps ibs il try

  • Well guys im giving symprove a go to see if it calms ibs down it looks good but its not cheap to buy £22 a fortnight but if it works anyone with ibs will agree its worth it if anyone wants supplier number please ask as not everyone has internet access

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