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Hi Everyone,

I have been getting very painful stomach ache in my abdomen area, lots of gas and wind for a few months now, it seems to be worse when I eat and at night when I'm laid in bed.

So I made a trip to the doctors he asked me about my symptoms then requested some tests to be carried out, one was a blood test to see if I'm intollorent to wheat and the other was a stool sample test. When I phoned to get my results the resoptionist said my results have come back and I need to see a doctor next week. Obviously this got me worrying it could be something bad, can anyone relate to this and give me some advice.

Thanks for reading.

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Personally I refused to do the stool sample (makes me very very uncomfortable) but they may just want to talk about (if u do) have IBS some medications your might want to try, how to deal with it or maybe just to exsplain your results by the sounds of it food may be a trigger and they may have found something u are allergic too I wouldn't worry too much if it was really really bad they would have got u to come in straight away and would have made u an appointment immediately. I know it can be anxiety provoking but try to take some deeps breaths and relax

K x

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