Does anybody suffer from pain feels like burning in left side of back and goes around hip and feel,s it goes down towards lower bowel got told had ibs year's ago by old doctor but never had any test only mebrevine not been bad for few years had suffered from anxiety so doesn't help having hypnotherapy which is helping changed diet and watch what eat gluten and dairy free . Feel like carnt stop running to toilet in morning not diareah all the time but feel a very urgency to go always when leaving house to go to work and on the odd accation not made it is getting me down won't go out nerves feel bad which doesn't help only go and do what I have to do and come home

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  • Know exactly how you feel, do try probiotics and if Imodium to hand, so you can go out. I've had very embarrassing episodes in shops and at work, now retired. I hv found probiotics very helpful. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks Fed up with the urgency sometimes first one is normal then bubbling in my left side and carnt hold it in gets me down anxiety kicks in gets as holds life back sorry for the long reply thanks for reply

  • The burning wouldn't be a muscle issue?

    As mentioned, try probiotics and eat fibre. But look into the burning sensation it might be a muscle issue.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks have had a ultra sound found got blocked fallopian tubes so maybe that is the problem. Have tried probiotic but give me a bit of wind not sure it is just the ibs sometimes it makes me have a urgency to use the toilet Fed up with the urgency makes my anxiety worse thanks for your feedback.

  • Maybe that's it then, you are welcome anytime.

    Take care.

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